Hortatory Exposition Text: Pengertian, Struktur, Ciri-Ciri, dan Contoh

Hortatory Exposition Text: Pengertian, Struktur, Ciri-Ciri, dan Contoh

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Pada artikel kali ini kita akan mempelajari tentang Hortatory Exposition Text . Kita akan membahas lebih dalam mengenai pengertian, struktur, ciri-ciri, dan contoh dari Hortatory Exposition Text . Buat kalian yang masih bingung cara menulis Hortatory Exposition Text , mari simak artikel berikut.
Okay, let’s go!

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1. Pengertian Hortatory Exposition Text

Hortatory Exposition Text merupakan sebuah teks yang berfungsi untuk memberikan argumen terhadap suatu hal dan dengan tujuan mempengaruhi atau memberikan persepsi baru kepada pembaca. Hortatory Exposition Text hampir sama dengan Analytical Exposition Text yang juga menyampaikan sebuah argumen. Analytical Exposition Text diakhiri dengan Reiteration yang berisi penutup atau kesimpulan, sedangkan Hortatory Exposition Text diakhiri dengan Recommendation yang memiliki tujuan untuk mengajak pembaca agar melakukan sesuatu.

2. Generic Structure of Hortatory Exposition Text

Berikut generic structure dari Hortatory Exposition Text:

  • Thesis

Bagian thesis berisi tentang pengenalan ide pokok atau topik yang akan dibahas.

  • Argument

Pada bagian argument berisi tentang pendapat yang mendukung ide pokok dalam tulisan tersebut. Semakin banyak argumen yang disampaikan, maka akan semakin menarik kepercayaan pembaca.

  • Recommendation

Recommendation merupakan penutup dari Hortatory Exposition Text. Bagian ini berisi tentang rekomendasi atau ajakan penulis pada pembaca.

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3. Characteristics of Hortatory Exposition Text

  • Present tense

Menggunakan simple present tense. Seperti like, study, manage, etc.

  • Abstract noun

Menggunakan abtract noun. Seperti advantages, importance, etc.

  • Modal adverb

Menggunakan modal adverb. Seperti certainly, excatly, etc.

  • Temporal conectives

Menggunakan temporal conectives. Seperti firstly, secondly, thirdly, etc.

  • Evaluative words

Menggunakan evaluative words. Seperti importantly, valuably, etc.

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4. Example of Hortatory Exposition Text

Berikut contoh dari Hortatory Exposition Text dan penjelasannya:

Why Students Should Manage Their Stress

Stress among student can be caused by interpersonal which includes the factor like relationships with family and friend or because of the academic itself. Workload of college, difficult tests, and other academic obstacles may also lead to stress. Thus, stress among students can be dangerous for several reasons. Firstly, major negative effect of stress is on emotional health. (Thesis)
Emotional health problem is more dangerous than physical health problem because it can lead to most disastrous effects of all that is committing suicide. Emotional or mental health is an expression of our emotions and signifies a failure adaptation to the range of demands in life. The stressful life events can lead to all the failure just by conquering our mind. Thus, it is very important to maintain our mental and emotional health because once our emotional health was disturbed, it can lead to various of diseases such as depression, anxiety, emotional eating, anger, and so on. (Argument 1)
The second disastrous effect of stress to an individual especially students is on academic performance. Actually this effect affected students beyond their thinking. Once they are in stress they have difficulty to concentrate on their study and finally their result will ruin because they cannot do well in their exams. That is how their academic performance shows such negative improvement from day to day because they cannot manage their stress well. Therefore, stress can be dangerous to student’s life. (Argument 2)
For those reasons, it is better that we should find the causes of stress which we are going through, know the bad effect that we may face, and take actions to manage it. (Recommendation)

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