This is drama project of speaking corner in august 2020 period. the students will record or take VN of their voice to whatsapp group of speaking corner. In this chance, the group 4 will present their drama by title of INDONESIAN’S CULTURE CRISIS.

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Members of the group 4 :
Rr. Fitria Hapsari as Sari (@fitria_hpsr)
Yovita as Yovita (@jovtaaa.s)
Yesischa as Yesischa

Alright, check this out the script! 🙂

Sari : Hello Yovita. How are you today?
Yovita : Oh. Hi Sari. I’m great thank you. How about you?
Sari : I’m very well, thanks. By the way, this morning I’ve heard some hot issues.
Yovita : Really? What’s that ?
Sari : I heard that Indonesian culture is in crisis.
Yovita : What’s crisis, Sari? Is it like they prefer love culture in overseas than our culture?
Yessica : Hi guys. What are you talking about? I think it’s a good news.
Sari : We are talking about culture crisis right now.
Yovita : That is about Korean cultures have been dominating in Indonesia.
Sari : Yes it is. I tell you guys, that now many teenagers are more interested in korean culture, like their food, fashion music, and movie. They also seem to know more about Korean culture than Indonesian culture.
Yessica : I know it. Korean culture has become a trending topic. I knew it since my friend talking about it everyday and they know very well all about the korean culture like the member name of boyband, all korean drama, and even they memorize the choreography of all boyband and girlband in korea.
Yovita : Waw Really? How big hell of Korean Culture. I can’t imagine.
Sari :: In my opinion they were so addicted about Korean.
Yesischa : I think, that was because of internet and globalization.
Sari : Yeah, me too. Internet so dangerous especially for them. Because they don’t filter every culture that have been come to them. And anything that they think good for them. They will be accepted it. They’ve not seen what the bad side from that.
Yovita : sorry I proofread your statement. The Internet and globalization are actually having a positive impact on us in the modern world as it is today. It’s just that we have to get better at what the Internet and globalization really mean. And do you know, actually I also love south Korean culture but I love Indonesia culture more. Maybe for the teenagers, that Indonesian culture are boring. They don’t feel proud about it. I just want to say, we can be happy and like Korean culture but we should be more proud of Indonesian culture.
Yesischa : Yes you’re true, we should be proud of our culture. And I think it’s because of teenagers have less knowledge of how big and great our culture.
Sari : Yes, it is true. I feel teribble of our culture. Eventhough I don’t really remember of traditional music and dance.
Yesischa : Yeah me too
Yovita : Me too, I just know a little bit of traditional music.
Sari : Yeah, it’s teribble. Maybe we can learn together of traditional music and dance.
Yesischa : Is a good idea Sari.
Yovita : Maybe we should embrace our friends for learning Indonesian culture.
It will be nice start to end the culture crisis on Indonesian.
Yesischa : Let’s go.
Sari and Yovita : Okay….. 😆

Tutor: Muhammad Rifai (@rifaikhairi)
Moderator: Sinta Dewi (@sinta_dewi_p)
Notulen: Nova Eka Rahma (@novaeka.rahma)


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