Kunci Jawaban Latihan Materi Present Perfect Tense

Kunci Jawaban Latihan Materi Present Perfect Tense

Kunci Jawaban Poin (A)

2. Her English has improved.
3. My bag has disappeared.
4. Lisa has broken her leg.
5. The bus fare has gone up.
6. Dan has grown a beard.
7. It’s stopped raining/It has stopped raining.
8. My sweater has shrunk/My sweater’s shrunk.

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Kunci Jawaban Poin (B)

2. been.
3. gone.
4. gone.
5. been.

Kunci Jawaban Poin (C)

2. Have you seen it.
3. I’ve forgotten/I have forgotten.
4. he hasn’t replied.
5. has it finished.
6. The weather has changed.
7. You haven’t signed.
8. have they gone.
9. He hasn’t decided yet.
10. I’ve just seen her/I have just seen her.
11. He’s already gone/He has already gone.
12. Has your course started yet.
You can also use the past simple (Did you see, he didn’t reply, etc) in this exercise.

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Kunci Jawaban Poin (D)

2. he’s just gone out/he has just gone out or he just went out.
3. I haven’t finished yet or I didn’t finish yet.
4. I’ve already done it/I have already done it or I already did it/I did it already.
5. Have you found a place to live yet? or Did you find a place …?
6. I haven’t decided yet or I didn’t decide yet.
7. she’s just come back/she has just come back or she just came back.

Referensi: English Grammar in Use, Fifth Edition, by Raymond Murphy

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