Kunci Jawaban Post Test Reading Comprehension

Kunci Jawaban Post Test Reading Comprehension

Berikut adalah kunci jawaban post test Reading Comprehension.

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Part 1

  1. C. Of the hot weather in the mountains
  2. C. Cheapest
  3. D. Faster
  4. C. Enjoyed
  5. A. Good

Part 2

Section 1

  1. B. It is a costume party
  2. C. It is next Saturday
  3. A. It is Sarah’s party

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Section 2

  1. D. He doesn’t want to miss his favorite TV show
  2. D. He is not interested in pop music

Part 3

Section 1

  1. B. Rebecca is interested in Science.
  2. C. What music types does Rebecca like?
  3. A. Rebecca likes playing bafminton.

Section 2

  1. D. Very young age
  2. A. Aldo’s career choice


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