Post-Test Vocabulary Corner Level 2 October

Post-Test Vocabulary Corner Level 2 October

Hai Fellas, How are you? Hari ini kita akan post-test. Silahkan dikerjakan danjawaban disubmit ke personal chat Whatsapp tutor Miss Rif’ati.

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A. Matching

Instruction: Put the words in the correct group!

Mobile PhoneComputerPillow

1. Things we can use to talk or write to people =
2. Things we can use to carry other things =

B. Choose the Best Answer!

1. The sun shines brigthly. It is a ….
a. Windy
b. Cloudy
c. Sunny day
2. What season if the trees, houses, and land become wet?
a. Dry season
b. Rainy season
c. Windy season
3. An ……. is used to take the patient to the hospital.
a. Ambulance
b. Car
c. Taxi
4. My aunt is sick. She goes to …….
a. Bank
b. Cafe
c. Hospital
5. What is synonim of To disclose?
a. To reveal
b. To restart
c. To near

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6. What is synonim of legacy?
a. Universal
b. Handle
c. Heritage
7. What is antonym of odd?
a. Even
b. Noisy
c. War
8. What is antonym of crooked?
a. Straight
b. Left
c. Start

C. Fill in the Missing Verbs in the Sentences Below! Choose from the Following!

briefcasepursePhone/mobile phone

. You need a ……. to get on a train or bus or go in a cinema or museum.
2. You probaly need to open the door of your house.
3. A ……. is a massage on paper. It comes in the post.
4. Some people need …… to help them see. They put them on their face.
5. You can use a ……. to call people.


The author:
Name: Rif’ati Ihsan
Instagram: @rifati_ihsan

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