Tips dan Strategi Menjawab Soal Listening Comprehension : Listening Skill about Business News

Tips dan Strategi Menjawab Soal Listening Comprehension

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Tes listening Comprehension bertujuan menguji kemampuan Anda dalam memahami bahasa lisan. Akan tetapi, untuk bisa memahami bahasa lisan tersebut, di samping harus membiasakan diri mendengarkan bahasa Inggris lisan, Anda harus memiliki pengetahuan struktur bahasa (tata bahasa) Inggris yang memadai. Semua kalimat dalam bagian ini menggunakan kalimat yang grammatically correct (benar menurut tata bahasa) dan biasanya dalam bentuk kalimat lengkap. Semua kalimat tersebut diucapkan dalam percakapan bahasa Inggris.

Dalam artikel ini, kami akan memberikan Tips dan Strategi Menjawab Soal Listening Comprehension . Untuk menjawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan soal tes Listening Comprehension dengan baik, Anda dituntut memiliki kemampuan untuk:

1. memahami tekanan dan nada,
2. memahami perbedaan bunyi,
3. memahami idiom dalam bahasa Inggris,
4. memahami ungkapan-ungkapan percakapan,
5. memahami kelompok atau frasa kata kerja,
6. menemukan informasi yang tersirat (tak dinyatakan secara jelas),
7. memahami perbandingan, dan
8. memahami makna/isi percakapan atau pembicaraan.

Berikut exercise yang bisa kalian coba untuk melatih skill listening comprehension kalian :

The first item in the news today is the recent elections that took place across the country. This was a (1)…….. vote, which may see a dramatic change in how the country develops over the coming years. Overall, a 54.5 per cent voter turnout was registered. This represents an (2)……. of 11 per cent over the previous election and six per cent above the average for the past 50 years. There has also been a slight change in demographics, with an increase in youth turnout in the 18- to 24- and 24- to 29-year-old brackets. Despite this increase, young people are still less likely to vote than older people; 84 per cent of voters in the 70 plus age group came to the (3)……. stations.
Moving on, the global digital powerhouse ONK today posted quarterly results which were above forecast. Back in March, Tim Bolling, CEO, issued a (4) ……… warning over fears that there would be losses following the recall of their leading product, the 40d device. In fact, the company posted quarterly revenue of US$14.8 billion which represents an increase of 11 per cent from the same quarter a year ago. They also (5)……. that they had sold 21 million 40d devices over the quarter. The company has provided the information that with this level of revenue, there will be a gross margin of 34 to 35 per cent, ultimately leading to a US$1.20 per share (6) ……. dividend awarded to shareholders.
And in our final news item we ask, will we soon be saying goodbye to coins and notes forever? The nationwide trend of using cashless (7) …….. options is increasing. There are a number of reasons for this development. A key reason for this is a (8) ……… interest in reducing the number of items people need to leave their homes with. As almost everyone carries a smartphone with them, and many people also have smartwatches, the (9) ………. to pay for things using one of these two technologies is particularly appealing. More and more retailers are accepting cashless payments and in some cases they’ve (10)…….. accepting cash altogether.

1. The election …
a. wasn’t too important because it was just a local one.
b. was very important for the whole country.
c. was about development.

2. There was a voter increase of …
a. six per cent since the last election.
b. 11 per cent since the last election.
c. 54.5 per cent since the last election.

3. ONK posted quarterly revenue of …
a. $14.8 billion.
b. $18.4 billion.
c. $40.8 billion.

4. People want to …
a. carry smaller items when they leave their homes.
b. carry fewer items when they leave their homes.
c. own a smartwatch.

5. More and more retailers …
a. accept cashless payments.
b. accept cash.
c. don’t accept cash.

Good Luck guys !!

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