Tips dan Strategi Menjawab Soal Listening Comprehension : Listening Skill about Missing a Class

Tips dan Strategi Menjawab Soal Listening Comprehension : Audio Listening Skill about Missing a Class

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Hallo guys, apakah kalian memiliki kesulitan dalam menjawab beberapa pertanyaan seputar listening? Nah aku mau sedikit berbagi tips dan strategi dalam menjawab listening comprehension. Semoga bisa membantu kalian dalam mempelajarinya.

Tips dan Strategi Menjawab Soal Listening Comprehension

  1. memahami tekanan dan nada,
  2. memahami perbedaan bunyi,
  3. memahami idiom dalam bahasa Inggris,
  4. memahami ungkapan-ungkapan percakapan,
  5. memahami kelompok atau frasa kata kerja,
  6. menemukan informasi yang tersirat (tak dinyatakan secara jelas),
  7. memahami perbandingan, dan.
  8. memahami makna/isi percakapan atau pembicaraan

Berikut ada exercise yang bisa kalian coba untuk kerjakan dengan cara lengkapi kalimat yang kosong sesuai dengan audio tersebut.

The theme : Missing a class
Task I
Student: Ms Henderson?
Teacher: Yes, Diana. How can I help you?
Student: I’m sorry, but I (1) …….. class next Wednesday. I have a doctor’s appointment.
Teacher: OK. Thanks for letting me know.
Student: Is there anything to do at home?
Teacher: Let me just check (2)…….. OK, first of all … you need to read chapters 17, 19 and 20 in the book. There are also some articles and a video to watch – those are online. I’ll post the links online in the usual place.
Student: Chapters 17 to 20.
Teacher: Yes, except chapter 18. Chapters 17, 19 and 20.
Student: Ah, OK. Um. is there a deadline?
Teacher: Yes, this Friday. But there’s something else. I was going to give you all a (3)…….
Student: A practice test?
Teacher: Yes, to help people (4)…….. for the mid-term exam.
Student: Ah. All right.
Teacher: Don’t worry, I can send you the practice test by email on Wednesday. Can you send it to me before Friday?
Student: Sure, no problem.
Teacher: And don’t forget to bring a (5) ……… from the doctor to the office.
Student: Thanks, Ms Henderson! I’ll do that.
Teacher: You’re welcome, Diana. Take care.

Task II
1. For homework, she has to read ….
a. Chapters 17,18, 19 and 20
b. Chapters 17.19,and 20.
c. Chapters 17 and 20.

2. The articles and video are available …
a. online
b. via email
c. in the library.

3. Diana can’t come to class because …
a. she has a different class
b. she has a mid-term exam.
c. she has a doctor’s appointment.

4. The deadline for the homework is…
a. Wednesday.
b. friday
c. sunday

5. The teacher can give Diana the practice test …..
a. on friday
b. by email
c. after the mid-term exam.

Good luck guys.

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