Verbs as Complements

Verbs as Complements

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Dalam TOEFL Structure and Written Expression, verbs juga dapat berfungsi sebagai complements. Terdapat tiga macam tipe verb yang dapat berfungsi sebagai complements, yaitu:

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Verbs that are always followed by infinitive,
Verbs that are always followed by the gerund,
Verbs + Prepositions followed by the gerund.

Verbs that are Always Followed by The Infinitive

Verbs yang berfungsi sebagai complement harus dalam bentuk infinitive (to + verb) dan terkadang juga harus dalam bentuk gerund (verb + ing). Verb di bawah ini harus diikuti dalam bentuk infinitive jika complement berupa verb.


Contoh kalimat:

John expects to begin studying law next semester.
Mary learned to swim when she was very young.
The budget committee decided to postpone this meeting.
The president will attempt to reduce inflation in the next four years.
The soldiers are preparing to attack the village.
Cynthia has agreed to act as a liaison between the two countries.

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Verbs that are Always Followed by The Gerund

Beberapa contoh verb yang harus diikuti oleh gerund:

admitappreciateavoidcan’t helpconsider

Contoh kalimat:

John admitted stealing the jewels.
We enjoyed seeing them again after so many years.
You shouldn’t risk entering that building in its present condition.
Michael was considering buying a new car until the prices went up.
The Coast Guard has reported seeing another ship in the Florida Straits.
Would you mind not smoking in this office?

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Contoh kalimat di bawah ini merupakan kalimat negative dengan menambahkan partikel negative berupa not sebelum infinitive atau gerund.

John decided not to buy the car.
We regretted not going to the party last night.

Verb berikut ini bisa diikuti oleh infinitive ataupun gerund dengan tanpa mengubah maknanya:

begincan’t standcontinuedread

Contoh kalimat:

He started to study after dinner.
He started studying after dinner.

Joan hates to ride her bicycle to school.
Joan hates riding her bicycle to school.

Verbs + Preposition Followed by The Gerund

Jika sebuah verb + preposition, adjective + preposition, noun + preposition, atau preposition diikuti langsung oleh sebuah verb, maka verb akan selalu dalam bentuk gerund.

Berikut ini contoh verbs + preposition.

approve ofbe better offcount ondepend on
give upinsist onkeep onput off
rely onsucceed inthink aboutthink of
worry about   

Beberapa ungkapan di bawah ini mengandung preposition to. Kata to dalam ungkapan di bawah ini tentunya berbeda dengan to dalam to infinitive. Verb + preposition di bawah ini harus diikuti oleh gerund.

object tolook forward toconfess to

Contoh kalimat:

John gave up smoking because of his doctor’s advice.
Mary insisted on taking the bus instead of the plane.
Fred confessed to stealing the jewels.
We are not looking forward to going back to school.
Henry is thinking of going to France in August.
You would be better off leaving now instead of tomorrow.

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