This is drama project of speaking corner in august 2020 period. the students will record or take VN of their voice to whatsapp group of speaking corner. In this chance, the group 3 will present their drama by title of BAWANG MERAH AND BAWANG PUTIH.

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Members of the group 3 :
1. Ghina Sadida as Narator (@ghn_qs)
2. Helmi Fauziah as Bawang Putih (@helmi_al_fikri)
3. Rohmatul Karimah as Step mother (@rohmatulkarimah08)
4. Nur Qori Romadhona as Old Lady (@nurqorii)
5.Rita Nuriani as pangeran (@ritanuriani_1705)
6. Ila Nur Ilahiyah as bawang merah and father (@ilahiyah5)

Alright, check this out the script! 🙂

Once upon a time, there was happy family lived in small village. The man in the family had two wives each of them had one daughter. From the first wife, he had a beautiful, kind hearted and friendly daughter named Bawang Putih. From the second wife, he had an envious and bad temperament daughter named Bawang Merah. Their personality are in opposite. And one day, Bawang Putih’s mom was passed away. Bawang Putih felt so sad. She cried all day long.

Father              : “My dear Bawang Putih, I know you feel so sad but you must take care yourself.     (He hug his daughter)
B. Putih           : “I love her so much. She was the only one who understand me. And I don’t have somebody turn to.”
Father              : “You still have me, your step mother and your sister. You can share everything to us.”
B. Putih           : “Really Father? Do they love me as well?”
Father              : “Sure they do, So… No more tears okay?”
B. Putih           : “Alright Father, I love them with all of my heart.”

Not so long, the father went to town for business.

Father              : “Take care of the kids, my love… I’ll be back soon. (The step mother kiss father’s hand)
Step mother     : ”I’ll take care of the house and the kids. Go and do your business and don’t worry about Bawang Putih, I’ll love her as my own daughter.”
Father              : “Thank you, love you, Byee…”

After he left, the step mother and Bawang Merah showed their real personality to Bawang Putih.

Step mother     : “Bawang Putih !! Come here !”
B. Putih           : “Yes Mother ..”
Step mother     : “Me and Bawang Merah will take a nap, so you must cook the dinner for us.”
B. Merah         : “Oh ya, There’s a bunch of dirty clothes in my room, get it and wash it!!”
B. Putih           : “Oke Bawang Merah.”

In the step mother’s room.

B. Merah         : “Mom, why every body loves Bawang Putih instead of me ? Is she more beautiful than me ?”
Step mother     : “No, she’s not. You’re the most beautiful girl in the world.”
B. Merah         : “Really mom ? But people say she’s beautiful and kind.”
Step mother     : “Let them talk whatever they want. Don’t worry about it, I’ll make her suffer if that can make you happy, dear.”

Few weeks later. The father went back home. The step mother and Bawang Merah wanted to have all of his wealth. And they planned to kill him. So, they make a cup of tea that had poison in it.

B. Merah         : “Here’s Dad, a cup of tea for making you relax.”
Father              : “You’re so thoughtful, thank you…” (He drinks it, step mother shows up) “Wh … what you gave to me ?”
B. Merah         : “Nothing Daddy, it’s okay. It’ll help you to rest.”
B. Putih           : “Father.. What happen with you? What happen with him, Mom ?”
Step Mother    : “He’ll rest … in peace…” (Bawang Merah and step mother are laughing)
B. Putih           : “No… why are you so mean ?

In the night, Bawang Putih went to the park and sat by herself on the bench. Suddenly, there was an old lady coming towards her.

Old lady          : “Do you have something to eat?”
B. Putih           : “I’m sorry Grandma, I don’t but I’ve enough money for you.”
Old lady          : “Thank you, what a nice of you. In reverse I give you my only precious thing. It’s a magical seed. It’ll grow in to plant that every body’ll look for. It can cure many all of the disease. Here take it, my dear.”
B. Putih           : “No, thank you. I can’t take it.”
Old lady          : “It’s okay I want to you must take and plant it.”
B. Putih           : “Alright if you insist, thank you so much.”

Bawang Putih went back home and plant the seed in front of the house. A few months later, the plant was growing big. And there was a prince who looked for the plant that could cure the king who was very sick. When he passed Bawang Putih’s house, he saw the plant and knocked on the door.

Prince              : “Any body home ??”
B. Merah         : “OMG ! The prince … Mom, please come here, quick Mom !”
Prince              : “Eee, I saw the plant outside and I need it for the king. Can I have the leaves, please?”
B. Merah         : “Sure, I get the knives, wait wait …” (Bawang Merah went inside to find the knives)
Prince              : “Do you live alone with your daughter?”
Step mother     : “O yeah, your majesty. We only live here alone since a long time ago.”
Prince              : “How you get that plant? Because I have been looking for it everywhere and gotn’t find it.”
Step mother     : “What so special with this plant?”
B. Merah         : “What Mom ? What did you ask?”
Prince              : “Oh, she ask me what’s the special of the plant.” (They walked toward the plant)
B. Merah         : “Oh yaa, What’s the special about this plant?”
Prince              : “You’re the one who plant it, why you don’t know?”
B. Merah         : “Ehmm, I don’t know. I just plant it.”

Bawang Merah cut the leaves but she couldn’t. The leaves is so strong. Then the step mother tried, but she couldn’t. And the prince tried, he couldn’t also. Neither of them cut it.

Old lady          : “Non of you cut it. Do you know why? You didn’t plant it. In fact, the plant chooses the owner. Only the kind hearted person will be chosen.” (Stay in)
Prince              : “What?? You didn’t plant it? I thought you said you did.”
B. Merah         : “Eh uuhmm ehm heem… “ (confused)

Suddenly, Bawang Putih came from market.

B. Putih           : “What are you doing to my plant, Bawang Merah?”
Prince              :“Are you the owner?”
B. Putih           : “Yes, I am. Who are you?”
Prince              : “I’m looking for your plant. Can I have some leaves for my father ? He is sick.”
B. Putih           : “Oh oke, how much do you need? I’ll cut it for you.”
Prince              : “Thank you, what nice of you.”

Bawang Putih cut the leaves and gave it to Prince.

Prince              : “Thank you, I’ll bring this back to the castle if you would like to, you can come with me.” (He tried to hold her hand but she hesitated)
Old lady          : “Go with him, you deserve to live happy.” (She joins their hands together)

She went with the prince to the castle. And live happily ever after.

Tutor: Muhammad Rifai (@rifaikhairi)
Moderator: Sinta Dewi (@sinta_dewi_p)
Notulen: Nova Eka Rahma (@novaeka.rahma)


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