Annisa’s feelings became happy at Manda’s statement. Without her knowing that Arthur liked Windy. As the days passed, Annisa’s feelings for Arthur grew. Every day Annisa tried to approach Arthur but always blocked by Giselle. Meanwhile, Giselle was jealous that Arthur often told her about Windy.

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Sunday morning at Arthur’s house ….

Giselle             : Arthur Asslamualaikum.
Arthur’s mom   : Waalaikumsalam, eh Giselle. Come in, honey.
Giselle             : Morning aunty. There is Maddy too. Morning Maddy.
Maddy             : Where are you going, Giselle?
Arthur             : Eh Giselle, you’ve come.
Maddy             : Where are you going to?
Giselle             : We’re going to the salon , heheheh
Maddy             : May I come with you ?.
Arthur’s mom  : I also want to come …
Arthur             : Yes, come along everyone. I’m a loyal assistant today.
Arthur’s mom  : Alhamdulillah, I can refresh myself and make myself beautiful, hehehe
Arthur             : Yes, my mom is beautiful.

They went to the salon, it turned out that the salon belonged to Windy’s family, and Windy also helped every Sunday.

Windy             : Please come in ma’am (greet kindly)
Arthur             : Hello , wahhhh why do we always meet each other?
Windy             : Please ma’am, what treatment do you want? I’ll explain the treatments we have (ignoring Arthur)
Maddy            : Wow, your taste is on another level. Is she study in the same school with you? (whispers to Arthur)
Arthur             : She’s my senior in school. Very diligent, beautiful, friendly, ohhhhh make me crazy into her. (whispering)
Maddy             : You are so over. Ha ha ha ha

Arthur’s mom and Giselle were busy choosing the treatment they wanted. As time passed, Arthur got bored. Finally, Windy felt sorry and triedto talk with Arthur.

Windy             : Hey Arthur.
Arthur             : wow, what the hell is happening?
Windy             : You really care about your family and your girlfriend.
Arthur             : girlfriend?
Windy             : yes, Giselle.
Arthur             : hahahaha. She’s my childhood friend. We’re like family.
Windy             : Ooo, I ​​thought she was your girlfriend. And you still want to bother me.
Arthur             : hahahaha, no way. When I like a girl, I won’t bother any other girls. A loyal man must be committed to just a girl.

Windy was amazed by Arthur’s answer, and his heart melted a little towards it. After finishing various treatments, they went home.

Arthur’s mom  : Windy, we’ll say goodbye to you. You are really beautiful, polite, and diligent girl, really suitable to be my daughter-in-law, hehehe (Arthur’s mother teases who knows that Arthur likes Windy)
Windy             : All right aunt. Come back again. I’ll give you a discount as a regular customer. Hehehe
Arthur’s mom  : waahhhh. okay, sure dear …

They went home. Arriving at Arthur’s house, Giselle felt sad. And confide in with Maddy.

Giselle             : Maddy, I want to tell you.
Maddy             : what’s wrong dear?
Giselle             : Can we confide in your room?
Maddy             : yes come on (hurry to Maddy’s room)
Giselle             : Actually, I’m jealous. I like Arthur.
Maddy             : hahahaha, what do you like about him?
Giselle             : Well, I don’t know We don’t need any reason to like someone, right?. And I’m jealous of  Windy.
Maddy             : You know it is hard for to like someone. When we love someone, we won’t be able to hurt them. You already understand that. You better approach Arthur with patience. Because a match will not be mixed.
Giselle             : Yes, I understand. Thank you, sis. I will try it.
Maddy             : well, that’s it. because you are my younger sister.

Even so, Giselle’s heart still felt jealous. Then an incident occurred. At the time in front of the school, Giselle was almost hit by someone and was saved by Windy. Windy swiftly pulled Giselle. Giselle fell silent.

Windy             : Are you okay Giselle?
Giselle             : I’m fine, windy. Thanks a lot. (nervously, from a little shock)
Windy             : where is your bodyguard? Arthur?
Giselle             : He already went to school first.
Windy             : ooh, okay, let’s cross the road together. Don’t be afraid, please hold my hand.
Giselle             : Yes,. thank you very much. You’re very kind.

Giselle realized that Windy was a gentle and helpful woman. So Giselle tried to open her heart to another man and let Arthur be with Windy.

Arthur             : why are you together?
Windy             : how are you, Arthur? not with Giselle. Earlier she almost got hit.
Arthur             : So what? Are you hurt, Giselle? Where does it hurt?
Giselle             : I’m fine, you’re exaggerating.
Arthur             : Thank God, that means I don’t need to kick you into the class hahahah
Giselle             : Arthurrrrrrrr. (while shouting).

Arthur ran towards the class. Without realizing it, Windy laughed at Arthur’s ridiculous behavior.

Annisa             : Why is Windy become so close to Arthur?
Manda             : Because Arthur likes Windy.
Annisa             : it can’t be like that. Arthur is just for me. Can’t do it.

The school bell rang for the start of lessons. They all studied in earnest without realizing that it was already entering recess. Suddenly (tense Back sound)

Annisa             : follow me (in a high tone)

Annisa pulled Windy towards the backyard of the school. Giselle noticed this from a distance.

Windy             : What’s wrong, why is it like this?
Annisa             : Plakkk (slap sound)
Windy             : why are you so insolent? What did I do wrong?
Annisa             : please stay away from Arthur, because Arthur is my boyfriend.

Suddenly Arthur came (tense back sound)

Arthur             : Who? me? Since when?
Annisa             : eh, you (nervously).
Arthur             : Honorable President of the Student Council, please maintain your dignity. Don’t claim yourself to be my girlfriend without my permission.

Apparently, the incident was seen by other students. So Annisa felt embarrassed and left the scene.

Windy             : You don’t have to approach me anymore. I don’t want this to happen again.
Arthur             : listen to my explanation. It can’t be like this.
Windy             : (pause) You should stay away from me Arthur.
Arthur             : I like you, but I’m not a guy who can easily ask girls out. Because I am a man  who will do everything i can to the one who i love.

Windy’s heart felt sore, happy, fragile, afraid and everything was mixed up into one. But he was very scared and decided to leave without giving any words. For days, Windy avoided Arthur. Giselle remembered Maddy’s word and finally decided to meet Windy.

Giselle             : Excuse me, Where is Windy?
Sissy                : Why did you want to meet Windy again? Are you told by Arthur?
Giselle             : No Sis, I just want to have a good talk with Windy.
Sissy                : No excuses, don’t lie.
Giselle             : But I beg you (in a pleading tone)
Windy             : What’s this?
Giselle             : Please, can we talk for a moment?
Windy             : yes, you can. But not here.
Sissy                : But Windy ….
Windy             : It’s okay.
Giselle             : Thank you, Win. Can we talk in front of the garden?
Windy             : why not?
Sissy                : Can I come with you guys?
Windy             : I’m afraid you can’t

They went to the park, and it felt a little anxious for Giselle to strike up a conversation.

Giselle             : Win, can you forgive Arthur?
Windy             : I’m not angry with Arthur. What should be forgiven?
Giselle             : But please don’t avoid him.
Windy             : Sorry Giselle. I just do the same with other boys.
Giselle             : Arthur is getting really gloomy right now. Me,, his sister, and his mother missed Arthur’s warm figure.
Windy             : Is it like that?

Windy was silent and remembered Arthur’s words which both calm and terrify his heart.

Giselle             : Yeah, at least you have listened to my explanation. Please don’t just avoid Arthur without any logical reson.
Windy             : well, I will consider it. Thank you, Giselle. Please excuse me, because I still have  some work to do.
Giselle             : Yes, Windy. Thank you very much for making your time to hear my explanation.

Windy left while thinking about Arthur and Giselle’s words. On his way to her class, he saw Annisa was approaching a new transfer student from another school, who was no less handsome than Arthur. On the other hand, he saw Arthur who was sitting alone under a tree near the soccer field. So, Windy immediately strengthen her heart to approach Arthur.

Windy             : Hey, Arthur.
Arthur             : Eh Windy. Yes, why? (Arthur starts to ignore it again)
Windy             : I’m sorry, will you forgive me?
Arthur             : I’m not angry Win . Everything is fine, I will go first.
Windy             : Arthur, wait a minute. You don’t want to explain something to me?
Arthur             : Nothing, forget everything.
Windy             : but I can’t forget it.
Arthur             : (Back sound is sad) Really?
Windy             : yes, because you are the first man to express that sentence. You are different from other men.
Arthur             : I really don’t intend to date. But I promise, and you can keep my promise that I want to make a commitment to you.
Windy             : Are you sure Arthur? Will you wait until I graduate from college? 
Arthur             : yes I will. Keep my words, Win.
Windy             : Alright Arthur, I hope that you will be adequate. Oh yeah, did you see Giselle?
Arthur             : He’s approaching the new student again.
Windy             : wahhhh … will fight over it with Annisa hahaha.
Arthur             : hahaha

Time went by without being noticed, Arthur and Windy were often together while in school. Until finally they separated and entered different colleges. They were separated by distance, but until now they still maintains their good relationship. Want to know the sequel? Maybe it’s in the second season hahaha. I am the narrator for today’s drama. Thank you for your attention. Please excuse me and good night everyone.

Tutor: Muhammad Rifai (@rifaikhairi)
Moderator: Sinta Dewi (@sinta_dewi_p)
Notulen: Nova Eka Rahma (@novaeka.rahma)


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