This is drama project of speaking corner in august 2020 period. the students will record or take VN of their voice to whatsapp group of speaking corner. In this chance, the group 2 will present their drama by title of MY FIRST LOVE. check this out the script! 🙂

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Hi all. Well, before we start this drama, we will introduce ourselves as well as the role we are playing (Introduction to Backsound).

  1. Narrator                                     : Annel (@annel_val_ong)
  2. Arthur                                        : Zayn (@putrathur)
  3. Windy                                        : Marsha (@zezels_45)
  4. Student council president          : Annisa (@annisafirdy_)
  5. Gisella (Arthur’s childhood)      : Ayudia (@pramestiayudiaa)
  6. Arthur’s mom                            : Maulia (@mauliafebrianti)
  7. Maddy (Arthur’s sister)             : Khadeeja (@khadijanaf_)
  8. Sissy (Windy’s friend)                : Fransisca (@fransiscadlr_)
  9. Manda (Windy’s friend)             : Fairuz (@fs.kamila)
  10. Canteen mother                         : Ratih (@ratih.komalasari.9210)

Tuesday, August 18th 2020 (Back sound)In the morning, at Arthur’s house, something happened. And then, …… (Back sound)

Arthur             : Moooooommmm (He shout).
Arthur’s mom  : What happened Arthur? Why are you shouting early in the  morning?
Arthur             : Today is the first day of student orientation. I should have waken up earlier today because it will start at 06.00 am.
Arthur’s mom  : You didn’t tell me yesterday to remind you.
Maddy            : Hahahaha, You must be late and get punishment.I think you deserve it.
Arthur             : Oh my God, what should I do ? Am I playing sick? No, that’s lying. I can’t lie.
Maddy            : I don’t know and I don’t care.
Arthur’s mom  : Arthur, come on. Have your breakfast and you may leave..
Arthur             : It’s too late mom. Would you drive me to go to school, my sister?
Maddy            : Oke, but you ….
Arthur’s mom  : Maddyyyyyyy…
Maddy            : hehehehe, Oke mom, okeee. Come on, hurry up, Arthur, I’ll take you to school.
Arthur             : Thank you my sister. You’re so kind hehehehe.

They go to Arthur’s school. It turned out that Arthur was late. Then he said goodbye to his sister, and entered the school grounds. A pair of eyes were on him, and…. (Back sound)

Annisa             : Hey, you stop (She shout while stand up near the school gate) Why did you come late? Don’t you have a clock in your house?.

Arthur was about to pass the girl, but the girl shouted at him. Then, Arthur stopped his footstep. Arthur just keep quiet like a statue and stared at the girl.

Arthur             : She is so beautiful (he whispered while looking at Windy)
Annisa             : What did you see? I’m the one who talking to you. What is your name?  you really are impolite. (Spoke in a high tone).
Arthur             : Oh my God, she looks creepy (he whispered).
Annisa             : What did you say? (in an annoyed tone).
Arthur             : Oh, nothing. (while lowering his head). My name is Arthur.
Annisa             : Why did you come late?
Arthur             : I’m so sorry. I woke up late. Something happened last night, which made me late too to sleep. (Spoke in a low tone).
Annisa             : well. But don’t do that again. So as you came late, there must be a  punishment, you have to run 7 rounds on the field..
Arthur             : Can I bargain?
Annisa             : Do you think that this is a negotiable market?
Arthur             : Okay, don’t be angry.
Annisa             : OK, hurry up and do it.

Arthur ran around the field. Without realizing it, the student council president looked at Arthur. Arthur is so handsome and innocent. The student council president falls in love with Arthur (Back sound). While Arthur is running around the field, Windy is carrying a drink from the canteen and accidentally got hit by Arthur. Arthur helped Windy up. Without realizing it, Arthur noticed Windy was cleaning her clothes due to the spilled drink. Then Windy lifted her head, two pairs of eyes collided into one for a few seconds. Suddenly (Back sound)…

Annisa             : Hey, you. (shouting) I told you to run not to look at each other. And you Windy, do your duty. Not dating.
Arthur             : Sorry, I accidentally bumped on her.(While apologizing to Windy). Her eyebrows are very pretty and very natural in a brown color (Arthur whispers).
Annisa             : What are you talking about?
Arthur             : oh, nothing. I’m sorry.(while looking at Windy).
Windy             : Yes, it’s okay. Next time please run with your eyes open.(with a cold tone).

Windy left Arthur who was still doing the punishment. Likewise, the student council president left with jealousy.

Annisa             : Why did my heart feel weird when i saw Arthur looking at Windy? Ah never mind.

No long after tht, all the participants were lined up. Windy as the person in charge of the student orientation gathered all the student orientation participants.

Windy             : Everyone, line up neatly. Prepare and tidy up each row (noisy back sound). Can everyone be quiet? (shouting).
Arthur             : Turns out grumpy too. And I like it (while looking at Windy)
Windy             : Alright, the next announcement will be announced by our student council president. Annisa, time is your’s.

While the student council president took over the orientation,Windy was gone, Arthur rolled his eyes looking for Windy. But he couldn’t find it. Until the line was disbanded, he still couldn’t find out where Windy was. He felt disappointed. Break time arrived. Arthur went to see Giselle, his childhood friend. While Arthur was standing, suddenly …. (Back sound of tension)

Giselle             : Arthur (while startling Arthur from behind)
Arthur             : You! Fortunately my heart didn’t explode(in a curt tone)
Giselle             : Your heart always connects with mine cuwicuwicuwi ….
Arthur             : Ah, well, it’s not funny. Come along, I’m really hungry.
Giselle             : Okay, let’s go …

They went to the cafeteria together. On their way, from  distance, Arthur saw Windy, who was eating her food. Arthur suddenly stopped, looking at Windy with a pounding heart(Back sound of a pounding heart).

Giselle             : Arthur (calling softly, but still ignored by Arthur, finally Giselle screams in Arthur’s ear) Arthurrrrrr …
Arthur             : Eh, yes. What?
Giselle             : Don’t daydream, you said that you were hungry. when you pass out I roll you like a drum.
Arthur             : Oh no, madame (in a joking manner).
Giselle             : Come on …

On the other hand, one of Windy’s friends named Manda suddenly looked at Arthur. And realized that Arthur’s gaze was shifting towards them, but she did not know who it was aimed for. When Arthur arrived at the cafeteria and passed Windy and her friends, Sissy, Manda was fascinated by Arthur’s good look.  And she was dumbfounded while looking at Arthur (Back sound dreamy).

Windy             : Hey, why are you stunned?
Sissy                : That’s indeed a handsome guy. New student huh?
Windy             : Oooohhh , yes he is. Which part of him that is handsome?  Areyour eyes myopic huh?
Sissy                : Windy, you are a student council, for sure you know his name?
Manda             : His name is Arthur, and Windy were annoyed by him, don’t forget about her dirty clothes.. Do you like him?
Sissy                : Manda, you’re also the student council. Oooo his name is Arthur. No, I just love to see his good looks.
Windy             : please don’t talk about him. I don’t like him, he’s so clumsy.
Manda             : Be careful, Win, this is just the first meeting. In the next meeting, you might have a crush on him. Hahahahah
Windy             : please don’t scare me.
Sissy                : Hahahaha who knows that.
Windy             : don’t you know (in a curt tone)
Sissy                : But honey, it looks like he’s with his lover. Hahahaha I don’t hope to be with him hahaha.

Meanwhile, Arthur and Giselle were ordering food in their favourite place, named Goat Soup.

Giselle             : Wahhhhh, it seems really delicious. Ma’am, I ordered a double portion of the goat soup.
Canteen mom  : Do you want the cabbage?
Giselle             : No, ma’am. I want the spicy one, please.
Canteen mom  : OK.
Arthur             : Oh my God, you are so tiny but you eat like you havent eaten for a whole year (while flicking Giselle’s forehead)
Canteen mom  : It’s okay, son, she felt so hungry. The important thing is to stay healthy(while teasing them)
Giselle             : That’s right ma’am. Only the canteen mother who understands  me well. You are my friend instead (with an annoyed tone)
Canteen mom  : Oooo, I thought you guys are dating. Looks quite affectionate (mockingly) Arthur              : Oh no. Going out with her? I would rather die.
Giselle             : (Back sound disappointed)So he doesn’t like me at all? (hisses silently). Yes ma’am, have my soup finished yet, ma’am?
Canteen mom  : yes , here you go.
Giselle             : Thanks in advance, ma’am.
Arthur             : how about my order?
Canteen mom  : you haven’t ordered anything, have you?
Arthur             : Eh, is it true ma’am? hehehehe, I can also go with the jumbo portion of goat soup.
Giselle             : Don’t just blame my food portion, you are just the same. Ha ha ha ha
Arthur             : Men naturally are  like that. Hahaha (Arthur feels victorious)
Canteen mom  : Don’t fight. Who knows, you guys will be a soul mate.
Arthur             : Never ma’am.
Canteen mom  : okay, this is your order, son.
Arthur             : Fine, thanks..

Several days had passed, and the orientation was finished. Arthur still stunned when he saw Windy, his gaze always fall into that beautiful face. Moreover, Windy was known for being diligent, friendly but cold towards men. That made Arthur even more eager to approach her. But Arthur was afraid. Not because he was a coward, but because he was afraid to fell in love again. Well, there was once, in the past, Arthur ever liked a girl. The girl was very kind to Arthur, and Giselle was close to her too.  Her name wasCleopatra. However, when Arthur intended to confess his feeling to Cleopatra, he saw the girl joking and holding hands with a man. This happened in front of Arthur (sad back sound).  As it turned out, they were dating. Since this incident, Arthur was afraid to fell in love again until he entered senior high school. But on the other hand, Arthur has a sincere love for Windy, an easy-going girl with a beautiful face. Arthur thought hard about how to get close to Windy, while Windy was very cold towards men. Finally, Arthur  played various jokes around Windy, so that he had a reason to get closer with her.

Arthur             : Hey, can I ask you something?
Windy             : What do you want to ask? (with an indifferent tone)
Arthur             : How come your eyebrows are so pretty? Is it genuine?
Windy             : Eh, you just met me and it’s terribly rude. You don’t know manners?
Arthur             : This is a serious question, Win.
Windy             : Just zip your mouth.(Windy leaves Arthur with an irritant feeling.)

The next day, Windy arrived very early at school and this morning she met Arthur, who shockingly had already arrived at school too. Arthur deliberately waits for Windy at the school gate to evade her.

Arthur             : Hey cold-hearted girl. Be careful, maybe you will like me.
Windy             : Can you please just don’t spoil my mood  this morning?
Arthur             : But my day is always brighter when I see you upset.
Windy             : hah, it’s up to you. I do not care. And I affirm, until whenever I will never like  you.

Windy left  Arthur who smiled to himself, and Giselle arrived at school.

Giselle             : Why did you leave me?
Arthur             : I wanna be alone  Don’t let it bother you.
Giselle             : You … (pissed off)
Arthur             : Okay, let’s go to the class. Uh, you go ahead, I want to go to the canteen first.
Giselle             : Okay. I’ll wait inside the class.

Arthur went to the cafeteria. On the way to the cafeteria, he met Manda. But Arthur never showed a positive response to her. Because Arthur knew, he had always been noticed by Manda.

Manda             : Hay, Arthur …
Arthur             : Yes, Manda? (just a formality)
Manda             : May I have your cellphone number?
Arthur             : Sorry, I don’t have a cellphone (while lying)
Manda             : Are you telling the truth?
Arthur             : Yes, if you don’t believe it. Excuse me, please. I’m going to the canteen (in a curt tone)
Manda             : Can I come with you?
Arthur             : I wannna be alone sis. Sorry .. (with an indifferent tone)
Manda             : Ooo okay (with a disappointed tone)

When he arrived at the canteen he met Windy again (Back sound flowery).

Arthur             : Hello Win, you look like a ghost.
Windy             : eh, you are really rude.
Arthur             : Because you keep haunting me hahahaha
Windy             : crazy boy (Windy leaves Arthur in the cafeteria).
Arthur             : Hahahaha, you are so cute.
Canteen mom  : Why are you laughing?
Arthur             : I saw that you are so close to that girl.
Canteen mom  : Oooo, Windy. Yes, she often helps me.
Arthur             : Wahhh, I know you must know her very well. Ma’am, why does she look so special?Canteen mom  : She is very special. She is friendly, diligent, and she likes to help everyone.
Arthur             : That’s not what I mean ma’am. She is very cold towards men. That’s what makes me like her so much.
Canteen mom  : ooo, she was hurt last year. That’s why she doesn’t want to be close to men anymore.
Arthur             : was hurt? Can you tell me more, like i mean why? How dare that boy?
Canteen mom  : Last year, she had a boyfriend. Do you know Riko, the boy who is very popular among the girls in this school?
Arthur             : yes ma’am, I know. So that boy is her boyfriend? uh I mean his ex-boyfriend.
Canteen mom  : yes son. As it turned out, Riko was an arrogant man. At that time, Windy was still a new student who did not know his true nature. Riko always appeared friendly towards Windy, so Windy fell in love with him. After they were in relationship, Riko felt bored  and invited other women to the cafeteria to eat with him, regardless of Windy’s feelings. Meanwhile, Windy was always forbidden to be close with the other boys. So Windy decided to break up with him. Full of conflict and tears, Windy often came to the canteen to keep her distract from her feeling.. She participated in many activities until she became cold and ignorant of boys.
Arthur             : It really hurts mom.
Canteen mom  : don’t you try to hurt her. Or I will be mad at you (in a harsh tone)
Arthur             : hehehem ready ma’am

The bell rang and Arthur immediately returned to the classroom. The lesson began. They followed the lesson with enthusiasm. After a long session, the school bell rang again, a sign of recess. The canteen was too crowded. So Arthur and Giselle decided to buy drinks from the school cooperative and sat in the library to study. In the library, Arthur met Annisa who was searching for books. The book was so far up the shelf that she couldn’t even get to pick it up.

Arthur             : Can I help you?

Annisa just nodded and noticed Arthur’s good looks. This afternoon, Arthur lookedfriendly to anyone because he was happy to know the truth about what happened to Windy.

Arthur             : This is the book.
Annisa             : Thank you, Arthur.
Arthur             : yes ann, you’re welcome (smiling, and making Annisa’s heartbeat fast (back sound))

Arthur sat with Giselle and read their book. Meanwhile, from a distance Annisa and Manda watched Arthur.

Annisa             : do you know that man?
Manda             : oh, Arthur. The guy is ignorant and rude.
Annisa             : no, he is very friendly to me.
Manda             : maybe he likes you.


Tutor: Muhammad Rifai (@rifaikhairi)
Moderator: Sinta Dewi (@sinta_dewi_p)
Notulen: Nova Eka Rahma (@novaeka.rahma)

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