This is drama project of speaking corner in august 2020 period. the students will record or take VN of their voice to whatsapp group of speaking corner. In this chance, the group 5 will present their drama by title of HAH STORY!

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Member of Group 5 below:
1. Rosma (@rosmaa1712)
2. Yuni Amalia (@ynmlia__)
3. Iqma (@iqma_ayunda)
4. Rima (@rimaalf_04)
5. Nia Khoirunnisa
6. Husniyah (@atik.husniyah)

Alright, check this out the script! 🙂

Somewhere it’s believed to be, there are some children playing with their cell phones. But there is a silent child (rosma) that doing nothing. Finally a lonely child invites the others to play hide and seek.

Rosma : “guys, lets play together”.
Iqma : “how about playing hide and sick? “
Nia : “lets go”
Rima : “nope! It must be dirty”
Nia : “that’s right. Lets cancel”
Iqma : “you’re right. There must playing dirty”
Husni : “what are you talking about, smart friend?. Can she play? “
Yuni : “take it easy, sist. Playing hide and seek is so easy. Primary children can play it”.
Husni :” That’s not the problem. The problem is we’ve grown up and we’ll play the children’s game. (Huft! Push the breath)
Nia : “I’ve grown up and I don’t want to play it anymore”.
Iqma : “lets play in a haunted place in order to be extreme”.
Nia : “all the more in a haunted place” (Roar : aaauuuuuuu)
Rima : “all the more in a haunted place usually it must be dusty”
Husni : “yeah, if in a haunted place how if we’re hidden by a ghost and the ghost ask to introduce and make a special relationship with them?” Hiiiiii (afraid)
yuni : “just enjoy it. It’s to be good that you’ll get a boy friend coz’ you’re jomblo”.
Husni : “I’m not a jomblo, I’m a single”.
Rosma : ” Single is another name of jomblo. It’s just heard to more honor.
Iqma : “so, wanna play or not?are you afraid of, guys? “
Rima : “are you guys still scared of ghosts these days?”
Rosma : “oke, I represent everyone here reveal that we agree with your suggestion”. Valid? Yes valid!.
(All people see rosma weiredly)

Finally, they 6 play hide and seek game in an old haunted house. Yuni is a cat player or a person who looking for her friends and she has caught 4 people. Only rosma that can’t be found. After looking for a while, they agree to look for rosma togrther.

Husni : “how does if rosma is hidden by a ghost? “
Yuni : “it’s mean that we are lost our national comedian one more time. Let’s have a moment of silence. (Droop the head)
Iqma : “don’t joke!. How if it’s true that rosma is hidden by the devils? ” (Panic)
Rima : “hadeeuuhh do you still believe of a ghost these days? He to the low HELLOOOWWW (nge gas ya 😆) aaaaaa!!! (Screaming)
Husni : ” What’s wrong? “
Rima : “ha…ha…ha… “
Iqma : “harry potter? “
Rima : (shake a head) ha…ha…ha”
Yuni : “ha..ha? Honeymoon? “
Rima : (shake a head again) ha.. Ha.. Haaachiiiimm (sneezing) (shake the nose usahakan kedengeran gusek2 idung y ya 😁)
look! A message paper on the table”
Yuni : “good bye! That’s the message”.
Husni : “a suspicious message was put on the table. Was that rosma’s written?”. (Infotainment style/silet) 🤣
Iqma : “Could she has been taken by a ghost?”
Rima : “aaahh it’s scared (nada2 manjiah yaa) lets go home”.
Iqma : “but we have to tell rosma’s family first about this”.

After that, they go to rosma’s house with feelings of guilt on their shoulders. After a while, finally they arrive in rosma’s house.

Iqma ; knock.. knock.. “assalamu’alaikum”
Rosma : “wa’alaikumsalam”
Husni : “didn’t you die? “.
Rosma : “because I’m alive” (Hehehe nyengir kuda) 🤣
Husni : “did you write this message? “
Rosma : “yeah, that’s good bye from me, I meant that I went home first because I was so hungry”.
Rima : “so, I’m right, how can you believe a ghost these days?”
Iqma : “but you were afraid of last time”
Rima : “I was just acting”.
Rosma : ” So, what do you want now? “
Iqma : “lets go home! “

Finally the mystery is solved and they go home peacefully.

Tutor: Muhammad Rifai (@rifaikhairi)
Moderator: Sinta Dewi (@sinta_dewi_p)
Notulen: Nova Eka Rahma (@novaeka.rahma)


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