Introduction to Writing 2: Mengembangkan Skill Menulis Sentence, Paragraph dan Multi-paragraph Level

Introduction to Writing 2: Mengembangkan Skill Menulis Sentence, Paragraph dan Multi-paragraph Level

Hello everyone .. What’s up? Pastikan jiwa raga kamu baik-baik saja di masa pandemik ini. Jadi yaa sesekali dengan membaca artikel ini kamu bisa mengasah pikiran agar ngga rebahan mulu ups meskipun rebahan juga bisa lah sambi baca-baca. Baca artikel ini misalnya.

Yuk markicek (mari kita cek) pembahasan kali ini, kita akan membahas hal-hal yang termasuk dalam tulisan. Hal-hal apa saja? Yuk kepoin setiap postingannya guys!

Sebelum membahas terlalu jauh harusnya saling mengenal ya biar lebih dekat. Caranya? Berdoa di 1/3 malam lalu ta’arrufan. Nah loh bukan gitu juga. Oke kembali ke intro to writing ya dengan berkenalan kita akan tau maksud dan tujuan.

Tujuan pengantar ini ntuk mengembangkan skill menulis kalimat, paragraf dan multi paragraf yang lebih baik lagi pada tingkat intermediate.

Nah, mari kita berkenalan dengan menulis. Disini kita akan fokus untuk writing pada tingkat intermediate yang spesifik pada.

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1. The Informative Paragraph

Berikut contoh informative paragraph:

Did you know our country, America,, is covered by forest? Our trees are one of our greatest natural resources. Two trees produce enough oxygen to support a family of four for a year. Ninety-five percent of homes in our country use lumber (wood) for construction. On average, Americans use approximately 750 pounds of paper products each year. Think of all the paper plates, cups, notebooks, and notebook paper! Even the sap from trees can be used to make syrup, chewing gum, and crayons. Here’s reminder to all that we need to protect and replenish our trees, one of our greatest natural resources.

Dari paragraf tersebut informasi/peristiwa apa yang kalian dapat?
That’s good. Itu menginformasikan American’s Forest. Jadi informative paragraf sama halnya dengan paragraf yang menginformasikan/ menerangkan suatu peristiwa.

2. The Process Paragraph

Dalam process paragraf ada 3 hal yang harus diperhatikan, antara lain;
– The topic sentence in process paragraph
– Organizing the process paragraph
– Transitional Expression: Connecting the Steps

Berikut contoh proses paragraf:

A series of dubious events led to the outbreak of the Spanish-American War. Cubans had long attemptwd to overthrow Spanish rule in their country. The rebellion began in 1885 and lasted for many years. William Randolph Hearst, owner of the New York Journal, falsely reported on the war; his reporters made the conflict seem as if the Spanish were massacring the Cubans. Such propaganda caused a wave of anti-Spain feelings to sweep across America. In late February 1898, the American vessel Maine, sent to Cuba to protect American people and property, blew up in Havana harbor, killing more than 260 people. Consequently, Americans instantly assumed that the Spanish had blown up the Maine by means of asubmarine. War frenzy broke out in the United States, and Americans wanted war more than ever. “To hell with Spain, remember the Maine!” was a popular chant shouted by war enthusiasts.

3. The Descriptive Paragraph

Berikut contoh descrptive paragraph:

Last, spring, the fierce tornado that ravaged our town was frightening because of the terrible noise, the ferocious feel of the storm, and the hair-raising visual aspect. The noise of the storm was terrifying. Branches were snapped by the wind, the tornado-train sound caused our hearts to pound, and the silence in the eye of the storm was eerie. Finally, the deafening sound of the storm began again and stayed with us until the tornado passed by. During this time, we could feel the gusty wind blowing things everywhere, and the rain hurt as it came down sideways. While everything about last spring’s tornado was terrifying, I will remember most the anxiety I felt from the time I saw the terrifying storm approaching to the gripping fear I felt as I huddled in the darkness while the storm raged around me.

Gimana sobat scholars? Dari contoh diatas kira-kira apa yang dideskripsikan?
Great! Tornado. Jadi paragraf diatas contoh dari deskripsi paragraf tentang Tornado.

4. The Opinion Paragraph

Paragraf opini disebut juga paragraf yang ide pokoknya mengemukakan opini atau pendapat yang disampaikan oleh seseorang. Jadi gimana sih contoh paragraf opini? Markimak! Mari kita simak..

The way I see it, every classroom should have a pet, right? A pet hamster would teach us to be responsible. Responsibilit by third graders is required for success in school. A pet hamster would need food and water. The hamster could not be left alone over the weekend, so students would need to offer pet care at home and over holidays. Every animal should have a workout, so our class would need to provide appropriate exercise. So you can see that students would develop responsible behaviors in the classroom if they were required to care for a pet.

5. Introduction to The Essay

Essay adalah sekumpulan paragraf yang bertuliskan tentang satu topik dan gagasan utama yang terpusatkan dan setidaknya harus memiliki tiga paragraf. Ada 3 struktur dalam sebuah essay:
– Introductory paragraph
– Body paragraphs
– Concluding paragraphs

Cek cek markicek contoh essay!

Nowadays, Internet has spread widely in Indonesia. Internet is so easy to access. But, talking about Internet there will be advantages and disadvantages of the Internet. There are so many advantages by using Internet, for example we can find any kinds of information that we need. For students Internet is very useful to help them learn some lessons. All Internet users can also communicate with others from around the world using social media like Facebook, twitter, e-mail etc. Internet also really help us to do our work.

But, on the other hand Internet also has disadvantages that might be harm us. There are so many criminal cases occur today due to the internet. For example, cases of sexual harassment are inspired by porn videos easily downloaded. Fraud case in the world of online trading, online gambling and the spread of provocative news that does not fit with the facts, and many more crimes caused by the Internet.

However, the good or bad of the Internet is depends on ourself. Do we want to use it in bad way or good way? If we use Internet wisely, then we can take only the advantages of the Internet and vise versa.

Setelah perkenalan kita akan membahas lebih jauh lagi pada masing-masing unit. See you and follow next article! Siapin kuota dan sinyal yang bagus sobat scholars, karena akan ada Game Quizizz! Pastikan kamu join oke, karena seberapa sering kamu berlatih akan mengukur seberapa dalam pengetahuanmu.

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