Kumpulan Soal-Soal Postest Grammar tentang Perfect Tenses

Kumpulan Soal-Soal Postest Grammar tentang Perfect Tenses

Gunakan simple past, present perfect, present perfect progressive, past perfect or past perfect progressive untuk melengkapi kalimat berikut!!

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  1. Alex is an artist. He (draw)___________ many beautiful pictures in his lifetime. Last week he (draw) __________ a beautiful mountain scene.
  2. Try not to be absent from class again for the rest of the term. You (miss, already) _________________________ too many classes. You (miss) two classes just last week.
  3. A: Are you taking Chemistry 101 this semester?
    B: No, I (take, aleady) _____________ it. I (take) _________ it last semester. This semester I’m in 102.
  4. A: (you, eat) _______________ yet?
    B: No. You?
    A: Yeah. I (eat, already) ________________. I (finish, just) _____________.
  5. We (have) ___________ three major snowstorms so far this winter. I wonder how many more we will have.
  6. It’s ten P.M. I (study) _______________ for two hours and probably won’t finish until midnight.
  7. Millions of years ago, Dinosaurs (roam) _____________ the Earth, but they (become) ______________ extinct by the time humankind first (appear) _______________.
  8. Yesterday at the restaurant, I (see) ______ Pam Donnelly, an old friend of mine. I (see, not) ________________ her because she (lose) ______________ a great deal of weight.
  9. Jack suddenly realized that the teacher was asking him a question. He couldn’t answer because he (daydream) ______________ for the last ten minutes.
  10. Wake up! You (sleep) ________________ long enough. It’s time to get up.

Note: Kunci Jawaban akan dibahas di grup whatsapp grammar corner level 2 bulan Agustus 2020

Azar, Betty Schrampfer. 2002. Understanding and Using English Grammar Third Edition

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