Kunci Jawaban Latihan Materi Past Tense

Kunci Jawaban Latihan Materi Past Tense

Kunci Jawaban Poin (A)

2. taught
3. sold
4. fell/hurt
5. threw/caught
6. spent/bought/cost

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Kunci Jawaban Poin (B)

2. e
3. a
4. g
5. c
6. d
7. b

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Kunci Jawaban Poin (C)

3. It had changed a lot.
4. I hadn’t heard it before.
5. She had (She’d) arranged to do something else.
6. The film had already started.
7. We hadn’t been there before.
8. I hadn’t seen him for five years.
9. They had (They’d) just had lunch.
10. He had (He’d) never played before.

Kunci Jawaban Poin (D)

2. I’d been waiting or I had been waiting/I realised/I was
3. went/had been working or had worked
4. had been playing/started

Referensi: English Grammar in Use, Fifth Edition, by Raymond Murphy

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