Kunci Jawaban Latihan Soal Antonim dan Sinonim

Kunci Jawaban Latihan Soal Antonim dan Sinonim

Berikut kunci jawaban latihan soal antonim dan sinonim.

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A. Exercise on Antonym

1. B. Dirty
2. B. Brainy
3. C. Expensive
4. A. Awful
5. B. Dawdle
6. C. Soothe
7. B. Order

B. Exercise on Synonyms

8. A. Need
9. A. Soft
10. A. Quick
11. B. Miserable
12. B. Lost
13. A. Superflous
14. A. Fracture
15. C. Revoke

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Reference: https://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/vocabulary/beginner-to-pre-intermediate

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