Latihan Soal Materi Health Vocabulary

Latihan Soal Materi Health Vocabulary

Hai fellas, How are you? Ini adalah exercise (latihan soal) dari materi health vocabulary. Silahkan kerjakan latihan soal dibawah ini dan jawabannya dikirim secara personal chat ke tutor Miss Rif’ati.

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A. Choose The Best Answer!

1. Karina drinks ….. three times a day.
a. Wheelchair
b. Orange
c. Medicine
2. My mother buys medicine in the …..
a. Office
b. Pharmacy
c. Bank
3. My grandmother can’t walk. She sits on the ……
a. Hospital
b. Wheelchair
c. Doll
4. An ……. is used to take the patient to the hospital.     
a. Ambulance
b. Car
c. Taxi
5. My aunt is sick. She goes to …….
a. Bank
b. Cafe
c. Hospital

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B. Fill in the missing words in the sentences below!

6. Mr. Dani feels pain in his back. He has a ……
7. Carla feels pain in her teeth. She has a ……
8. The patient is walking with a …..
9. My sister has toothache. She goes to the …..
10. A …. is a place where sick people get a treatment.


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Name: Rif’ati Ihsan
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