Latihan Soal Materi Past Tense

Latihan Soal Materi Past Tense

A. Complete the Sentences Using the Following Verbs in the Correct Form!

buy – catch – cost – fall – hurt – sell – spend – teach – throw – write
  1. Mozart wrote more than 600 pieces of music.
  2. ‘How did you learn to drive?’ ‘My father___________________me.’
  3. We couldn’t aff ord to keep our car, so we___________________ it.
  4. Dave___________________down the stairs this morning and ___________________his leg.
  5.  Joe___________________the ball to Sue, who___________________ it.
  6. Kate___________________a lot of money yesterday.  She___________________ a dress which­___________________ £100.

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B. Which Goes with Which?

1. When I got to the cafe.
2. We fell asleep.
3. Amy learnt Italian.
4. Tom didn’t come out with us.
5. The car began to make a strange noise.
6. The TV was on.
7. When I first met Jessica.
a. when she was living in Rome.
b. she was working in a clothes shop.
c. when I was driving home.
d. but nobody was watching it.
e. while we were watching a film.
f. my friends were waiting for me.
g. because he wasn’t feeling well.
1 / f
2/ …
3/ …
4/ …
5/ …
6/ …
7/ …

C. Read the Situations and Write Sentences Using the Words in Brackets!

  1. There was a picture lying on the floor.
    (It/fall/off the wall) It had fallen off the wall.
  2. The people sitting next to you on the plane were nervous.  It was their first flight.
    (They/not/fly/before) They hadn’t flown before.
  3. You went back to your home town recently after many years. It wasn’t the same as before.
    (It/change/a lot) It __________________________________________________.
  4. Somebody sang a song.  You didn’t know it.
    (I/not/hear/it/before) I _____________________________________________.
  5. I invited Rachel to the party, but she couldn’t come.
    (She/arrange/to do something else)______________________________________.
  6. You went to the cinema last night. You got to the cinema late.
    (The film/already/start)_______________________________________________.
  7. Last year we went to Mexico.  It was our first time there.
    (We/not/be/there/before)   We _______________________________________.
  8. I met Daniel last week.  It was good to see him again after such a long time.
    (I/not/see/him for five years) __________________________________________.
  9. I offered my friends something to eat, but they weren’t hungry.
  10. Sam played tennis yesterday.  He wasn’t very good at it because it was his first game ever.

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D. Read the Situations and Complete the Sentences!

  1. We played tennis yesterday. We didn’t finish our game.
    We’d been playing (We/play) for half an hour when it started (it/start) to rain.
  2. I had arranged to meet Tom in a restaurant. I arrived and waited for him to come.
    __________________________(I/wait) for 20 minutes when__________________________(I/realise) that__________________________  (I/be) in the wrong restaurant.
  3. Sarah worked in a company for a long time.  The company no longer exists.
    At the time the company__________________________ (go) out of business, Sarah
    __________________________ (work) there for twelve years.
  4. I went to a concert.  Soon after the orchestra began playing, something strange happened.
    The orchestra __________________________ (play) for about ten minutes when a man in the audience suddenly__________________________ (start) shouting.

Referensi: English Grammar in Use, Fifth Edition, by Raymond Murphy

Author: Muhammad Rifai
Instagram: @rifaikhairi

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