Latihan Soal Materi Present Perfect Continuous Tense

Latihan Soal Materi Present Perfect Continuous Tense

A. Write a question for each situation!

  1. You meet Kate as she is leaving the swimming pool.  You say: Hi, Kate. (you / swim?) Have you been swimming?
  2. You have arrived a little late to meet Ben who is waiting for you.  You say: I’m sorry I’m late, Ben. (you / wait / long?) _________________________________________.
  3. Jane’s little boy comes into the house with a very dirty face and dirty hands.  His mother says: Why are you so dirty? (what / you / do?) ______________________________________.
  4. You are in a shop and see Anna. You didn’t know she worked there.  You say: Hi, Anna. (how long / you / work / here?) _____________________________________.
  5. A friend tells you about his job – he sells phones.  You say: You sell phones? (how long / you / do / that?) ______________________________________________.

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B. Read the situations and complete the sentences!

  1. It’s raining.  The rain started two hours ago.
    It’s been raining for two hours.
  2. 2 We are waiting for the bus.  We started waiting 20 minutes ago.
    We__________________________________ for 20 minutes.
  3. I’m learning Japanese.  I started classes in December.
    I____________________________________since December.
  4. Jessica is working in a hotel.  She started working there on 18 January.
    ____________________________________ since 18 January.
  5. Our friends always go to Italy for their holidays.  The first time was years ago.
    ____________________________________for years.

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C. Put the verb into the present continuous (am/is/are + -ing) or present perfect continuous (have/has been + -ing)!

  1. Maria has been learning (Maria / learn) English for two years.
  2. Hi, Tom. _____________________________________(I / look) for you.  I need to ask you something.
  3. Why_____________________________________ (you / look) at me like that?  Stop it!
  4. Rachel is a teacher. _____________________________________ (she / teach) for ten years.
  5. ­_____________________________________ (I / think) about what you said and I’ve decided to take your advice.
  6. ‘Is Paul on holiday this week?’ ‘No, _____________________________________ (he / work).’
  7. Sarah is very tired. _____________________________________ (she / work) very hard recently.
  8. It’s dangerous to use your phone when­_____________________________________ (you / drive).
  9. Laura_____________________________________ (travel) in South America for the last three months.

Referensi: English Grammar in Use, Fifth Edition, by Raymond Murphy

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