Latihan Soal Materi Weather

Latihan Soal Materi Weather

Hai fellas, How are you? Ini adalah exercise (latihan soal) dari materi weather. Silahkan kerjakan latihan soal dibawah ini dan jawabannya dikirim secara personal chat ke tutor Miss Rif’ati.

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A. Choose the Best Answer!

1. The sun shines brigthly. It is a ….
a. Windy
b. Cloudy
c. Sunny day
2. What season if the trees, houses, and land become wet?
a. Dry season
b. Rainy season
c. Windy
3. What is the weather today? When we using umbrella.
a. It is sunny
b. It is rainy
c. It is foggy
4. In England, we have four seasons they are ……
a. Summer, autumn, spring, and rainy
b. Summer, autumn, spring, and dry
c. Summer, autumn, winter, and spring
5. In Indonesia, we have two seasons they are ……
a. Wet and snowy
b. Summer and winter
c. Rainy and dry
6. Twenty degrees fahrenhet in the number is ….
a. 20’F
b. 12’F
c. 22’F
7. We can see water falling from the sky at ….
a. Dry season
b. Summer season
c. Rainy season

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8. We can see snow in the ….
a. Autumn
b. Summer
c. Winter

B. Fill in the Missing Words in the Sentence Below!

9. A …. is a white or grey shape in the sky.
10. In a …. there is thunder, lightning, and often heavy rain.


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Name: Rif’ati Ihsan
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