Latihan Soal Tentang Materi Antonim dalam Bahasa Inggris

Latihan Soal Tentang Materi Antonim dalam Bahasa Inggris

Ini adalah Exercise (latihan soal) pembahasan dari meeting-2 Vocabulary Corner Level 2 pada bulan September, yaitu tentang Antonim. Silahkan kerjakan soal di bawah ini dan jawabannya dikirimkan ke PC whatsapp tutor Rifai.

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Bobot soal:
1 soal dengan jawaban benar = 10 poin
1 soal dengan jawaban salah = 0 poin

The rules:
– Waktu maksimal yang diberikan untuk mengerjakan soal akan diinfokan di grup.
Tidak perlu menyelesaikan semua soal yang terpenting submit tepat waktu, bagi yang submit lewat batas waktu yang ditentukan maka score minus 50.

Ok, let us start!

Choose the Correct Antonyms Part 1

Instruction: Fill in the blanks in each sentence below with the correct pair of antonyms! Choose from the antonyms list below!

Arrive >< Depart
Comfort >< Disturb
Polite >< Rude
Vacant >< Occupied
Guilty >< Innocent
Doctor >< Patient
Freeze >< Thaw
Punish >< Reward
Entrance >< Exit
Valuable >< Worthless
Comedy >< Tragedy
Bridge >< Tunnel

For example: I promised my dog I wouldn’t punish him, but that I’d reward him if he did the trick the right way.

  1. Our plane was set to__________from the airport in just a few hours, so we had to make sure to__________at the terminal in time.
  2. The__________told the anxious__________to wait in the waiting room for a little while longer.
  3. “It’s not__________to sick out your tongue,” my mother told my little brother when my sister was__________to him.
  4. When my grandpa lost his job, we all tried to__________him, and we didn’t__________him whe he slept late in the morning.
  5. We didn’t put the frozen yogurt back in the freezer to__________; we put it into the refrigerator where it would__________out a while.
  6. The prisoner on the TV drama was supposed to look mean and__________, but it turned out that he didn’t commit the crime and was really__________.
  7. Mom and I wanted to see a funny__________at the movies, but my sister and father wanted to see a sad__________instead.
  8. The__________into the museum was on the other side of the__________out to the street.
  9. We were happy when we stopped at a motel with one__________room left, since we were driving all night, and up till then all the motel rooms were__________.
  10. “Why are you still keeping that piece of junk?” my mom said; “It’s not at all__________; it’s__________.”
  11. To get to our country cottage, we had to go through a long__________and then over a wooden__________.

Choose the Correct Antonyms Part 2

Instruction: Fill in the blanks in each sentence below with the correct pair of antonyms! Choose from the antonyms list below!

Boss >< Employee
Break >< Repair
Always >< Never
Increase >< Decrease
Fancy >< Plain
Most >< Least
Best >< Worst
Sweet >< Sour
Niece >< Nephew
Create >< Destroy
Smile >< Frown
Wise >< Foolish

  1. I didn’t mean to__________my watch, but my dad said that he could__________ it for me.
  2. My__________birthday was last year when I had a big party, but my__________birthday was this year since my friend moved away.
  3. It was not__________of me to loan money to that boy, and now I feel__________because I can’t get my money back.
  4. This year I won’t__________my first science project before I__________a new one that I like better.
  5. I have the __________fun when my friend is home in the summer, but the__________fun when my friend goes to summer camp.
  6. My older sister thinks she is too heavy and wants to__________  her weight, while I think I’m too thin and I want to__________my weight.
  7. I__________write in my journal every night, but I__________let anyone read it but me.
  8. My cousin said she didn’t want a__________wedding, just something__________and simple.
  9. After I dropped the vase and broke it, I had a big, silly__________o my face; but my mother had a big__________on her face.
  10. My father said he was a very happy__________, because he had such a wonderful__________.
  11. The__________milk left a bad taste in my mouth, so I ate a__________cookie to get rid of the taste.
  12. My aunt says that she doesn’t think of us as her__________and__________, but as her own son and daughter.

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Choose the Correct Antonyms Part 3

Instruction: Which one is true?
For example: Some parents may do this to their child if he or she disobeys the rules. (Reward him or her/Punish him or her)

  1. A person may go to jail if he or she is found to be this. (Innocent/Guilty)
  2. When a nurse gives you medicine to swallow, you may be this. (A patient/A doctor)
  3. You should be on the train platform if you want to do this when the train comes. (Arrive/Depart)
  4. You (jadikan huruf kapital) may do this to someone who is upset or sad. (Comfort him or her/Disturb him or her)
  5. If you want to enjoy your dish of ice cream, don’t let it sit on the table and do this for too long. (Freeze/Thaw)
  6. You have to find this place in order to get into the restaurant. (Exit/Entrance)
  7. When something is worn out or broken and can’t be sold, it is called this. (Valuable/Worthless)
  8. When you say “please”, “thank you”, or “I’m sorry”, you are this. (Rude/Polite)
  9. This could be something terrible that happens to someone or someone’s family. (A comedy/A tragedy)
  10. An underground or underwater passage is called this. (A bridge/A tunnel)
  11. A sign on a restroom door that tells you there is someone inside and you will have to wait your turn is this. (Occupied/Vacant)

Choose the Correct Antonyms Part 4

Instruction: Which one is true?

  1. A person who works for others in return for wages is this. (A boss/An employee)
  2. When you take money out of the bank or your savings, you do this. (Increase the amount of money/Decrease the amount of money)
  3. He had more jellybeans than his friend, so he had this. (The least/The most)
  4. When my sister played the part of a showgirl in a play, she needed this kind of costume. (Plain/Fancy)
  5. To mend something you do this to it. (Repair it/Break it)
  6. When you do something stupid, you might feel like this. (Wise/Foolish)
  7. Things made from sugar always taste like this. (Sour/Sweet)
  8. When you are angry at someone, your face may have this on it. (A smile/A frown)
  9. When you make something original you do this. (Create it/Destroy it)
  10. Your brother is this to your aunt. (A niece/A nephew)
  11. This  means at no time or not ever. (Always/Never)
  12. When you try to do a job as good as or better than the rest, you are doing this. (Your best/Your worst)

Reference: Gordon, Jo Ann. (1998). Vocabulary Building. South Carolina: Super Duper Publications.

Author: Muhammad Rifai

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