Latihan Soal tentang Materi Homofon

Latihan Soal tentang Materi Homofon

Ini adalah Exercise pembahasan dari meeting keenam Vocabulary Corner Level 2 pada bulan September, yaitu tentang Homofon. Silahkan kerjakan soal di bawah ini dan jawabannya dikirimkan ke PC whatsapp tutor Rifai.

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Bobot soal:
– 1 soal dengan jawaban benar = 10 poin
– 1 soal dengan jawaban salah = 0 poin

The rules:
– Waktu maksimal yang diberikan untuk mengerjakan soal akan diinfokan di grup.
Tidak perlu menyelesaikan semua soal yang terpenting submit tepat waktu, bagi yang submit lewat batas waktu yang ditentukan maka score minus 50.

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Ok, let us start!

Choose the Correct Homophone!

Instruction: Read the sentences below and choose the correct homophones! You may look in the dictionary after you complete this exercise to see if you choose the right homophone.

  1. I have an (ant/aunt) by the name of Sue.
  2. There was a big (ant/aunt) crawling on the picnic table.
  3. The song has a strong (beet/beat) and you can dance to it.
  4. My baby brother spilled (beat/beet) juice on himself.
  5. The (be/bee) buzzed around the honey.
  6. I can’t (be/bee) at your house until 7:00 pm.
  7. I wanted to (bury/berry) my dead parakeet in the backyard.
  8. The blue bird flew away with a (berry/bury) in its mouth.
  9. The flowery (sent/scent/cent) of her perfume remained in the room after she left.
  10. I (cent/scent/sent) the package to my aunt in Rhode Island.
  11. The gum ball only cost one. (scent/cent/sent)
  12. The telephone (chord/cord) was badly tangled.
  13. The pianist began his piece with a loud. (cord/chord)
  14. The knights sat around the wooden table and drank. (ale/ail)
  15. When our old cat began to (ail/ale), we had to put him to sleep.
  16. We took a picture of the grizzly (bear/bare) through the closed window.
  17. My baby sister likes to walk around outside in her (bare/bear) feet.
  18. When (eye/I) go to the beach, I always bring lots of suntan lotion.
  19. The wind blew a cinder into my (eye/I).
  20. The cake had to be made with three cups of (flower/flour).
  21. My favorite kind of (flour/flower) is the tulip.
  22. I sometimes (earn/urn) money babysitting.
  23. There was a big, silver (earn/urn) on the mantlepiece.
  24. On the farm we saaw a large (ewe/you) grazing in the field.
  25. Why don’t (you/ewe) call me when you get home?

Reference: Gordon, Jo Ann. (1998). Vocabulary Building. South Carolina: Super Duper Publications.

Author: Muhammad Rifai
Instagram: @rifaikhairi

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