Latihan Soal tentang Materi Homograf dalam Bahasa Inggris

Latihan Soal tentang Materi Homograf dalam Bahasa Inggris

Ini adalah Exercise pembahasan dari meeting kelima Vocabulary Corner Level 2 pada bulan September, yaitu tentang Homograf. Silahkan kerjakan soal di bawah ini dan jawabannya dikirimkan ke PC Whatsapp tutor Rifai.

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Bobot soal:
– 1 soal dengan jawaban benar = 10 poin
– 1 soal dengan jawaban salah = 0 poin

The rules:
– Waktu maksimal yang diberikan untuk mengerjakan soal akan diinfokan di grup.
– Tidak perlu menyelesaikan semua soal yang terpenting submit tepat waktu, bagi yang submit lewat batas waktu yang ditentukan maka score minus 50.

Ok, let us start!

Choose the Correct Homograph Part 1

Instruction: Fill in each blank in the sentences below with the correct homograph! Choose from the homograph list below! Remember to use each word in two and sometimes three sentences!

  1. We started a new_____________and were going to meet for the first time today.
  2. After i broke my leg, i had to wear a_____________for months.
  3. My mother likes the smell of my father’s_____________tobacco.
  4. The_____________of my left shoe had a big hole in it.
  5. We saw the pigs playing in their pig_____________.
  6. “Let me give you a_____________,” my mom said, “Don’t stay up so late next time!”
  7. My aunt proudly showed us her new_____________ring.
  8. I tried to hammer the_____________in the wall, but I dropped it.
  9. The giant hot dog was a _____________long.
  10. I cut the_____________of my finger on a piece of paper.
  11. I was the only_____________in my class who got 100% on the test.
  12. I wanted a_____________in the play, but I was too shy to say so.
  13. I sat in_____________of the room, and I couldn’t hear the speaker.
  14. Lemon_____________is my favorite kind of fish to eat.
  15. When a big water_____________broke, we had no water for days.
  16. My ballpoint_____________ran out of ink.
  17. A policeman carries a_____________as well as a gun.
  18. I always get confused over a spade or a_____________in a card game.
  19. My dad gave the water a big_____________because he was so nice.
  20. The_____________consisted of just six people.
  21. I hurt my_____________and I didn’t want to participate in exercises.
  22. I shut the door on my thumb_____________and it turned black and blue.
  23. I only ate a_____________of the meal, I saved my appetite for dessert.
  24. This was the first time I saw a baseball_____________in a real ball park.
  25. I kept quiet even when my dance partner stepped on my_____________.
  26. The doctor checked the_____________of my eye.

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Choose the Correct Homograph Part 2

Instruction: Write the correct homograph next to its meaning in the following! Choose each homograph from those listed below!

Cast – Back – PartPen – Pipe – SoleDiamond – Foot – PupilNail – Tip – Club
  1. A hollow tube which carries fluid or gas: ________________
  2. A fenced place for animals to stay: ________________
  3. The bottom part of your shoe: ________________
  4. The opposite of front: ________________
  5. A precious gem: ________________
  6. A piece of something: ________________
  7. All the people that act in a certain play: ________________
  8. Twelve inches equal this: ________________
  9. A part of your finger: ________________
  10. A helpful hint: ________________
  11. A group of people who join together for a common purpose: ________________
  12. The black part in the center of the eye: ________________

Make the Sentence with Homograph

Instruction: Choose any six homographs from the homograph list below! Then, write two sentences for each homograph! Remember to use a different meaning in each sentence! Underline the homograph in each sentence!

Cast – Back – PartPen – Pipe – SoleDiamond – Foot- PupilNail – Tip – Club
  1. ___________________________________________________________________
  2. ___________________________________________________________________
  3. ___________________________________________________________________
  4. ___________________________________________________________________
  5. ___________________________________________________________________
  6. ___________________________________________________________________
  7. ___________________________________________________________________
  8. ___________________________________________________________________
  9. ___________________________________________________________________
  10. ___________________________________________________________________
  11. ___________________________________________________________________
  12. ___________________________________________________________________

Gordon, Jo Ann. (1998). Vocabulary Building. South Carolina: Super Duper Publications.

Author: Muhammad Rifai
Instagram: @rifaikhairi

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