Latihan Soal Tentang Materi Sinonim dalam Bahasa Inggris

Latihan Soal Tentang Materi Sinonim dalam Bahasa Inggris

Ini adalah Exercise (latihan soal) pembahasan dari meeting keempat Vocabulary Corner Level 2 pada bulan September, yaitu tentang Sinonim. Yuk kerjakan soal di bawah ini dan jawabannya dikirimkan ke PC whatsapp tutornya.

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Bobot soal:
1 soal dengan jawaban benar = 10 poin
1 soal dengan jawaban salah = 0 poin

The rules:
– Waktu maksimal yang diberikan untuk mengerjakan soal akan diinfokan di grup.
– Tidak perlu menyelesaikan semua soal yang terpenting submit tepat waktu, bagi yang submit lewat batas waktu yang ditentukan maka score minus 50.

Ok, let us start!

Choose the Correct Synonyms Part 1

Instruction: Fill in the blanks in each sentence below with the correct pair of synonyms! Choose from the synonyms list below!

Prank = Joke Brave = Bold Build = ConstructName = Title Silly = Foolish Rich = WealthyMiddle = Center Remain = Stay Belief = OpinionFar = Distant Vanish= Disappear Find = Discover

For example: When I was very little, I used to build or construct buildings and houses with my blocks.

  1. I can’t remember the___________of the book exactly, but it was one of my favorite books to read.
  2. The magician said he would make the rabbit___________.
  3. When I grow up I would like to travel to places very___________from where I live now.
  4. The cowboys hoped to___________gold in the old wild west.
  5. I had to___________home and watch my baby sister while my parents went out for a couple of hours.
  6. Our teacher asked us what our___________was about the reality of flying saucers.
  7. When I threw the dart, I knew I had to hit the bulls-eye which was right in the___________of the circle.
  8. The fireman was very___________when he went into the brning building to save the child.
  9. Every April Fools’s Day, my friend Jerry likes to play a___________on me.
  10. One day, when I’m___________I’d like to travel around the world on my own private plane.
  11. “Don’t be___________,” my teacher said, “You can’t have a day off on ground-hog day.”

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Choose the Correct Synonyms Part 2

Instruction: Fill in the blanks in each sentence below with the correct pair of synonyms! Choose from the synonyms list below!

Mean = cruel Wet = damp Help = assistError = mistake Trail = path Short = briefFirst = initial Last = final Smart = intelligentLost = misplaced Join = connect Give = donate
  1. The___________witch in the story put the princess in a dungeon.
  2. The___________question on the test was the hardest to answer.
  3. First, the magician had to___________the two pieces of string.
  4. My mom said she is going to___________my old toys to a charity.
  5. I can’t believe I___________my keys again.
  6. The___________time you jump into the water, it seems colder than it really is.
  7. I used a___________washcloth to clean the baby’s face.
  8. You have to be very___________if you want to study to be an astronaut.
  9. The teacher asked me to___________her in handing out the test booklets.
  10. When I erased the___________I made, my eraser made a hole in the paper.
  11. Today, our lunchtime was cut and we only had a___________recess.
  12. The___________to the mailbox was very slippery this morning.

Choose the Correct Synonyms Part 3

Instruction: Which one is true?

For Example: If you act like a clown when you shouldn’t, people will think you are this. (wealthy/foolish)

  1. A construction worker can do this. (Build houses/Discover new places)
  2. This is something you may hold. (A prank/An opinion)
  3. Every person has this thing. (A joke/A name)
  4. A dog sometimes has to do this in the car when you leave it. (Vanish/Remain)
  5. Police officers and soldiers are often this. (Bold/Silly)
  6. When you have a million dollars, you are this. (Rich/Brave)
  7. You may laugh at this. (A prank/A center)
  8. If someone stands in line here, he or she is not in the back or the front because he or she is here. (In the middle/Far away)
  9. This is the opposite of near. (Distant/Middle)
  10. An explorer would do this. (Discover new countries or places/Vanish from sight)
  11. If it could become invisible, it can do this. (Disappear/Construct)

Choose the Correct Synonyms Part 4

Instruction: Which one is true?

  1. Sometimes, in school, when your name begins with the letter “A”, you can be this in line. (Last/First)
  2. You can be this if you call other people bad names and hrt their feelings. (Brief/Cruel)
  3. When you volunteer to do some good deeds, you are trying to do this. (Help/Connect)
  4. You walk on this place to get somewhere. (Damp/Path)
  5. When you have just one more chance to write the correct answer, it is this chance. (Final/Initial)
  6. This is the opposite of long. (Last/Brief)
  7. When the weather is hot and very hmid, your skin may feel like this. (Smart/Damp)
  8. If you want to get good marks in college, you must be this. (Short/Intelligent)
  9. Sometimes you do this but you didn’t mean to. (Make an error/Donate a gift)
  10. Your book may be this if you can’t find it. (Misplaced/Brief)
  11. When you put two things together to make something work right, you do this to them. (Connect them/Assist them)
  12. When your clothes get old or worn out, you may do this with them. (Donate them to charity/Join them to charity)

Reference: Gordon, Jo Ann. (1998). Vocabulary Building. South Carolina: Super Duper Publications.

Author: Muhammad Rifai
Instagram: @rifaikhairi

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