Pengertian, Struktur, dan Contoh Interview Request Letter (Surat Balasan Wawancara) dalam Bahasa Inggris

Pengertian, Struktur, dan Contoh Interview Request Letter (Surat Balasan Wawancara) dalam Bahasa Inggris

Scholars… pernah nggak kalian menerima surat wawancara? So, apa yang kalian lakukan? Okay guys, yang pasti dan sudah seharusnya kita mengirim surat balasan kepada perusahaan ataupun pihak yang bersangkutan. Nah, untuk lebih lengkapnya simak materi di bawah ini okay!

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A. Pengertian Interview Request Letter (Surat Balasan Wawancara)

Interview request letter atau surat balasan wawancara adalah surat yang dikirim dari pelamar kerja kepada perusahan atau pihak yang berwenang atas lamaran kerja. Tujuan penulis mengirim surat tersebut untuk memberi tahu kesediaan dalam interview. Perhatikan hal-hal berikut ini saat menulis interview request letter (surat blasan wawancara):

  • Ucapkan terimakasih.
  • Sampaikan tujuan menulis surat tersebut.
  • Konfirmasi waktu interview.
  • Gunakan bahasa yang sopan.
  • Tinjau ulang dan pastikan tidak ada penulisan yang salah termasuk hal-hal penting seperti nama, alamat, e-mail, dan waktu yang ditetapkan.

B. Struktur Interview Request Letter (Surat Balasan Wawancara)

Scholars, perhatikan struktur berikut ini untuk menulis surat balasan wawancara (interview request letter):

  1. Author’s Name
  2. Author’s Address
  3. Author’s contact detail (phone and e-mail)
  4. Date
  5. Receiver’s Name
  6. Receiver’s Address
  7. Subject
  8. Dear (receiver’s name)
  9. Opening Paragraph
  10. Body Paragraph
  11. Closing Paragraph
  12. Signature

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C. Contoh Interview Request Letter (Surat Balasan Wawancara)

Berikut adalah beberapa contoh surat balasan wawancara (interview request letter) dalam Bahasa Inggris:

Contoh 1

Hampshire College Box 6
893 West Street
Amherst, MA 01002
(413) 559-9999

April 03, 2021

Dr. Maya Valern, Director
National Conference for Community and Justice
Connecticut/Western Massachusetts Region
780 Prospect Hill Road
Windsor, CT 06095

Subject : Interview Confirmation

Dear Dr. Valem

My professor, Helen Gregory, recommended that I contact you. I am graduating from Hampshire College in May of 2005 and am very interested in doing advocacy work for individuals and communities who have been consistently targeted by oppression. I have visited the NCCJ website and am excited by your organization’s commitment to increasing understanding and celebrating diversity through education and conflict resolution. Your experience in this field has led me to seek your advice about a career in this field.

Since the spring of 2002, I have led an educational/dialogue group for White Students Against Racism. Three other women and I who studied with Kathy Simon in her Psychology of Racism course founded the group. Through that course and another, Intergroup Dialogue, I gained an understanding of how institutionalized racism functions within our society, and discovered how I, as a white ally, could actively work for change from a position of power. After learning the methods of informed dialogue and active listening, I gained experience with analyzing and resolving conflict issues in a group setting. Working at a small neighborhood non-profit association taught me about the effectiveness of compromise when an organization is attempting to simultaneously improve a district and satisfy the needs of a diverse group of community stakeholders. The enjoyment and knowledge I gained from these experiences influenced my decision to pursue anti-racist advocacy as a career.

I am hoping that you might find some time to meet with me, to discuss careers in anti-racism with a focus on community advocacy. I would greatly appreciate any advice you could give me. I have enclosed my resume to give you a better idea of my background thus far. I will be calling you within the next week to ask about the possibility of setting up a time for us to talk in person.


Holly Turner

Contoh 2

Subject: Adinda Pamuntjak (Marketing Officer) – Interview Confirmation
Dear Mr. Pamungkas
My name is Adinda Pamuntjak. Thank you so much for the invitation. I’m writing to confirm the interview details for the Marketing Officer position.
I’m looking forward to meeting you on Monday, September 20th at 10 AM at Company X’s Tangerang office. 
I want to confirm if there’s anything specific that you want me to bring to the interview. Likewise, if I can provide you with any further information prior to the interview, please let me know.
Once again, thank you very much for the opportunity. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Best Regards, 
Adinda Pamuntjak
(+62) 878-1234-5678


Author : Iretna Ayu Labibah
e-mail :
Ig : @iretna_labibah

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