Pengertian, Struktur, dan Contoh Travel Confirmation Letter (Surat Konfirmasi Travel) dalam Bahasa Inggris

Pengertian, Struktur, dan Contoh Travel Confirmation Letter (Surat Konfirmasi Travel) dalam Bahasa Inggris

Hello Scholars… Kalian suka liburan? Atau paling tidak pernah menjumpai orang-orang di luar sana yang sedang liburan sekeluarga, sekelompok, atau bersama-sama? Kalau mimin mah liburan yang ditunggu-tunggu ke Jogjakarta karena gratisan dan dibayar pihak sekolah. Eits, bicarain liburan, behind the scene before travelling itu ada beberapa hal yang harus diurus loh. Nah salah satunya adalah mengirim ‘Travel Confirmation Letter’. So, apa itu? Mau tahu? Simak sini yuk!

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A. Pengertian Travel Confirmation Letter (Surat Konfirmasi Travel)

Travel confirmation letter atau surat konfirmasi travel adalah surat yang ditulis untuk memberikan konfirmasi yang dibuat oleh pemesan travel. Dalam surat konfirmasi travel, pemesan mencantumkan paket travel atau rencana travel. Ada beberapa hal yang perlu diperhatikan dalam menulis surat konfirmasi travel, antara lain:

  • Nada tulisan surat harus seperti surat bisnis dan ringkas.
  • Sertakan semua konfirmasi atau permintaan di dalam surat termasuk perincian perjalanan.
  • Gunakan bahasa yang spesifik.
  • Minta pemberitahuan penerima surat atas pemesananmu/destinasi yang kamu booking.
  • Ucapkan terima kasih untuk penerima surat kerena telah meluangkan waktu.

B. Struktur Travel Confirmation Letter (Surat Konfirmasi Travel)

Scholars, perhatikan struktur berikut ini untuk menulis travel confirmation letter (surat konfirmasi travel):

  1. Author’s Name and Adress
  2. Date
  3. Receiver’s Name and Adress
  4. Subject
  5. Dear Ms./Mr.
  6. Opening
  7. Body
  8. Conclusion
  9. Salutation
  10. Signature

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C. Contoh Travel Confirmation Letter (Surat Konfirmasi Travel)

Berikut merupakan contoh travel confirmation letter (surat konfirmasi travel):

Contoh 1

From: Andrew Tohmson,
4108 Riverside Drive,
Georgia 301307,

May 16, 2021

To: Abigail Mathew,
79 Hubbard Dr,
Georgia 301309,

Subject: Travel Confirmation Letter

Dear Mr.Abigail Mathew
This is in response to the reservation I made last month. I am confirming my booking for a 5-day cruise vacation to Mexico. Please also note that we prefer to start traveling early in the morning because of the children.

I would also like to clarify the itinerary you have sent us. Could possibly I request that you change a few things and include in the itinerary for a local restaurant and cultural museums tour while we stop on one of the cities?

Please proceed with the final bookings and confirm as soon as possible with my additional requests. Your assistance is highly appreciated. Thank you!

Andrew Tohmson,

Contoh 2


Subject: A Letter to Confirm My Travel Arrangements

Dear Mr.(name of the recipient),

I am writing this letter to confirm as per our discussion my visit along with two other colleagues to city. My flight arrival time is __ at airport and as per your direction tour travel manager would be available at the exit of the Airport.
I know you have booked separate rooms for all three of us at the hotel and thanks for booking hotel of our choice. I have heard it is best hotel in the city. Well, we are looking forward to joining you and discuss the project and also go for sightseeing once the discussion about the project is over.

Our stay is from __ (date) to _ (date) so I feel we have enough time to discuss the project as well as go for visits the city. I have heard that this city had some of the great opera houses and discotheques.

Please revert with a confirmation. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

__ (Sender’s Name)

Contoh 3


Author : Iretna Ayu Labibah
E-mail :
Ig : @iretna_labibah

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