Phone Message: Exercise 1

Phone Message: Exercise 1

Halo Scholars . . .
Kita pasti sangat sering menelpon atau ditelpon oleh seseorang. Ketika menerima telepon untuk orang lain, kadang kita dititipi pesan oleh penelpon. Pada pertemuan ke-5 kelas listening, kita akan mengerjakan latihan soal yang berkaitan dengan Phone Message. Let’s focus on the exercises and good luck!

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5th Meeting
Date: 19/01/2021
Topic: Phone Message

Questions for Audio 1

A. Complete the Phone Message Notes Below!

B. Answer these Questions

  1. What’s the name of the caller?
    a) Nick Johnson
    b) Neil Johnson
    c) Nate Johnson
  2. According to the girl, her father …….
    a) is not home
    b) is on another line
    c) can’t come to the telephone
  3. What is the man’s telephone number?
    a) 5987482
    b) 5874728
    c) 5897248
  4. The man tells the girl …….
    a) to ask her father to call him later
    b) that he will call again sometime after 7 PM
    c) that he will drop by around 8:30 PM
  5. What does the girl refuse to tell the caller?
    a) her age
    b) her name
    c) her address

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