Politics Vocabulary: Kosa Kata Politik, Arti, dan Contoh Kalimat dalam Bahasa Inggris

Politics Vocabulary: Kosa Kata Politik, Arti, dan Contoh Kalimat dalam Bahasa Inggris

Halo sobat Scholars!

Ketika mengamati berita tentang politik berbahasa Inggris, terkadang ada beberapa kosakata yang terdengar asing bagi kita. Daripada salah makna, yuk kita belajar beberapa kosakata yang sering sekali muncul di pembahasan tentang politik. Lets check it out!

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Kosakata Seputar Politik beserta Contoh Kalimatnya

  1. Authority – Wewenang: He had absolute authority over his subordinates.
  2. Ballot – Suara: The checking of the ballots was interrupted when the computer failed.
  3. Ballot box – Kotak suara: I put my vote in a ballot box.
  4. Ballot paper – Surat suara: They decided to make a ballot paper.
  5. Betrayal – Penghianat: In politics, betrayal often occurs.
  6. Bipartisan – Pendukung partai politik: The reforms received considerable bipartisan approval.
  7. Campaign – Kampanye: People who campaigned against child labor.
  8. Caucus – Konferensi anggota badan legislatif yang berasal dari partai atau faksi tertentu: Up to fifty caucuses met daily on conference grounds to discuss lobbying strategies.
  9. Convention – Konvensi: The convention, signed by the six states bordering on the Black Sea, aims to prevent further pollution.
  10. Dark Horse – Kandidat jangka panjang: Queen Elizabeth is a dark horse in politics world.
  11. Delegate – Deligasi: The power delegated to him must never be misused .
  12. Democracy – Demokrasi: Capitalism and democracy are ascendant in the third world.
  13. Dictator – Seorang penguasa dengan kekuasaan total atas suatu negara: My boss is kind of a dictator.
  14. Dissolution – Pembubaran: The dissolution of a legislative assembly is the mandatory simultaneous going out of office of all of its members.
  15. Election – Pemilihan: Local government elections will take place in May.
  16. Electorate – Para pemilih: 75 percent of the electorate voted for a Scottish parliament in some form.
  17. Freedom – Kebebasan: We do have some freedom of choice.
  18. Government – Pemerintahan: The government has been slow to react to the crisis.
  19. Governor – Gubernur: Every governor must understand the politics of his country
  20. Hustings – Pertemuan di mana kandidat dalam pemilihan berbicara kepada calon pemilih: He could hold his own in an election hustings.
  21. Ideology – Ideologi: The people are caught between two opposing ideologies.
  22. Incumbent – Pertahana: It is incumbent on all decent people to concentrate on destroying this evil.
  23. Landslide victory – Menangkan pemilu dengan suara terbanyak: That landslide victory was continued in the local authority elections in 1984.
  24. Law – Hukum: They were taken to court for breaking the law.
  25. Left-wing – Liberal: Rusia is a left-wing state.
  26. Major – Walikota: The United States is a major influence in the United Nations.
  27. Ministry – Kementerian: He is training for the ministry.
  28. Monarchy – Kerajaan: Is monarchy relevant in the modern world or should it be abolished?
  29. Muckraker – Wartawan yg membuka korupsi: Independent media are not afraid to muckrake and set their own agenda.
  30. Nominee – Calon: All nominees for Treasurer will be considered.
  31. Opposition – Berlawanan: There was considerable opposition to the proposal.
  32. Platform – Peron: An elderly lady stood up and said she had a question for the platform.
  33. Policy – Kebijakan: The administration’s controversial economic policies.
  34. Political asylum: Suaka politik : The number of people seeking political asylum in Britain has risen dramatically.
  35. Politician – Politikus: The media focus on politicians’ private lives inevitably switches the attention away from the real issues.
  36. Politics – Kegiatan pemerintah, organisasi pembuat undang-undang, atau orang-orang yang mencoba mempengaruhi cara suatu negara diatur: The group is campaigning to get more women into politics.
  37. Poll – Pemilihan: The TV stations agreed not to announce the projected winner until after the polls closed.
  38. Pork Barrel – Proyek boros dan tidak perlu yang dijamin oleh politisi untuk distrik lokal mereka: Every governor in this state made a pork barrel.
  39. Primary – Sebuah pemilihan negara bagian di mana anggota partai memilih seorang kandidat dari dalam partai mereka: Every country must have a strong primary.
  40. Prime Minister – Perdana Menteri: The Japanese prime minister argued strongly against it.
  41. Pundit – Cendekiawan, pakar: Each country has its own pundit.
  42. Reactionary – Reaksioner, opposisi: He was later to become an extreme reactionary.
  43. Regent – Bupati: The regent in each district has its own authority.
  44. Regime – Rezim: Ideological opponents of the regime.
  45. Representative – Wakil: In most cases, these representatives are voted for by citizens through a democratic process.
  46. Republic – Republik: Most of the republics have freedom of speech.
  47. Sovereignty – Kedaulatan: Talks are being held about who should have sovereignty over the island.
  48. Spy – Mengintai: I see a spy camera.
  49. State – Negara : Every country must understand international politics.
  50. Vice president – Wakil Presiden : She’s vice president of sales and marketing.

Nah itu dia beberapa kosakata tentang politik, semangat belajarnya!

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