Post test of Vocabulary Corner Level 2

Post test of Vocabulary Corner Level 2

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A. Choose the word that makes each of these nouns into a compound noun!

  1. Fund ___
    a. Driver. b. Seat. c. Raiser.
  2. News ___
    a. Paper. b. Story. c. Travels.
  3. Sun ___
    a. Day. b. Glasses. c. Heat.
  4. Child ___
    a. Hood. b. Ren. c. Play.
  5. Door ___
    a. Frame. b. Handle. c. Way.

B. Choose the word that makes each of these words into a compound adjectives!

  1. Well _
    a. Mannered. b. New. c. Proof.
  2. Brand _
    a. Fashioned. b. Sighted. c. New.
  3. Deeply _
    a. Sighted. b. Rooted. c. Rude.
  4. Short _
    a. Down. b. Sighted. c. Up.
  5. Old __
    a. Frame. b. Handle. c. Way.

C. Complete these sentences with suitable idiom!

11. Dafa just has done a lot of duties, he must be _____.
12. Miko seems _____ He won internatonal speech competition.
13. His face looks pale, he is _____.
14. Bek is in _____ because his score was lower than before.
15. It’s _____ he got new job.

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D. Complete the sentences of collective noun!

16. A _____ of locusts attacked a herd of cattle.
17. A _____ of birds is always a beautiful sight.
18. They welcomed the chief guest with a _____ of flowers.
19. As we drove down the country side, we saw a _____ of sheep grazing in the fields.
20. The _____ of thieves has been arrested by the police.

E. Fill in all the gaps on this conversation using the vocabularis provided!

-Cracking-up -Humorous -Impression -Stand-up comedian -Twisted -Witty -Humorist’s -Satire

21. Robin: I thought his jokes were really ……… Some of them were totally sick! I don’t like that kind of humor.
22. Robin: She just has a very ……… sense of humor, that’s all. Her jokes were so intelligent.
23. Michele: Did you see that guy who was doing the Elvis ……….? Wasn’t that ……….?
24. Robin: Oh! I was so embarrassed just watching him. Talk about an idiot! A few people were …………, but I think that was just because he was making a joke.
25. Charlie Chaplin was one of the most creative ……..

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