Pre-Test of Grammar Corner Level 2

Pre-Test of Grammar Corner Level 2

Exercise 1

Complete the following sentences with Passive Verbs and write down the kind of Tenses that use of each sentence below!


Irma’s car (drive) by Husnia tonight.
Ans: Irma’s car will be driven by Husnia tonight. (Simple Future Tense)

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  1. These trousers (make) of wool next week.
  2. This letter (write) three days ago.
  3. The classroom (sweep) every morning.
  4. Movies (watch) by us now.
  5. English (study) by Dita since 2009.

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Exercise 2

Change the sentences from passive to active!


The car is driven by my sister today.
My sister drives the car today.

  1. Cakes are made by my mother every week.
  2. Tomorrow, my wallet will be bought by my mother.
  3. The temple was built in 1889.
  4. My car is being given by my brother now.
  5. Mobile legend game has been played by Heri for 4 hours.

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