Pre Test Writing Corner Level 2

Pre Test Writing Corner Level 2

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  1. Arrange this sentences for being a good process paragraph!
    1) Organizing the process paragraph
    2) The topic sentence in process paragraph
    3) Transitional Expression: Connecting the Steps
    a. 3-1-2
    b. 1-2-3
    c. 2-1-3
    d. 3-2-1
  2. How many structure of essay?
    a. 2
    b. 3
    c. 4
    d. 5
  3. Arrange this structure of essay:
    1) Introductory paragrapg
    2) Concluding paragraph
    3) Body paragraphs
    b. 1-2-3
    c. 2-1-3
    d. 3-2-1
  4. A hook and topic sentence-the body-closing statement. There are parts of….
    a. Paragraph
    b. Sentence
    c. Phrase
    d. Multi-paragraph
  5. As soon as, finally, initially, whe, at this point. Those words are called by…
    a. Conjunction
    b. Transitional Expression
    c. Organizing Paragraph
    d. Process Paragraph
  6. Last, spring, the fierce tornado that ravaged our town was frightening because of the terrible noise, the ferocious feel of the storm, and the hair-raising visual aspect. The noise of the storm was terrifying. Branches were snapped by the wind, the tornado-train sound caused our hearts to pound, and the silence in the eye of the storm was eerie. Finally, the deafening sound of the storm began again and stayed with us until the tornado passed by. During this time, we could feel the gusty wind blowing things everywhere, and the rain hurt as it came down sideways. While everything about last spring’s tornado was terrifying, I will remember most the anxiety I felt from the time I saw the terrifying storm approaching to the gripping fear I felt as I huddled in the darkness while the storm raged around me.
    What kinds of paragraph is it?
    a. Opinion Paragraph
    b. Informative Paragraph
    c. Process Paragraph
    d. Descriptive Paragraph
  7. The paragraph which placed at the end of an essay called…
    a. Introduction
    b. Body Paragraph
    c. Hook
    d. Conclussion
  8. Before you write an essay, it is helpful to make ………. to get the point.
    a. Warming
    b. Brainstorming
    c. Sentences
    d. Paragraphs
  9. So you can see the students would develop responsible behaviors in the classroom if they were required to care for a pet. What parts is it?
    a. Opening statement
    b. Closing statement
    c. Opinion statement
    d. Opposing statement
  10. The paragraphs that explain and support the thesis statement and come between the introduction and the conclusion is…
    a. Hook
    b. Topic sentence
    c. Body Paragraphs
    d. Conclussion
  11. General statements and thesis statement are the parts of
    a. An Introducory Paragraphs
    b. A concluding paragraph
    c. Body Paragraph
    d. Paragraph
  12. The synonym of draft is ….
    a. Text
    b. Outline
    c. Paragraphs
    d. Sentences
  13. Images can be viewed right on the camera, so a decision can be made about whether or not to keep them. Images can be viewed right on the camera, so a decision can be made about whether or not to keep them. That’s one of the exciting features of the digital camera-no wasted film, and no playing for prints that don’t turn out well for whatever reason. Initially, set the on/off dial to play …………..
    The first sentence is called by ……….
    a. A closing satetment
    b. Body Paragraph
    c. Topic Sentence
    d. Hook
  14. Finally, saving the images is a simple matter of downloading them to a computer. Find the IMAGE TRANSFER CABLE, and plug it into the designated part on the digital camera. Then, connect the other end to the properport on the computer. Next, set the camera ON/OFF button to PLAY. The system is ready to transfer images. How many transitional expressions on the sentence above?
    a. 1
    b. 2
    c. 3
    d. 4
  15. The way I see it, every classroom should have a pet, right? A pet hamster would teach us to be responsible. Responsibilit by third graders is required for success in school. A pet hamster would need food and water. The hamster could not be left alone over the weekend, so students would need to offer pet care at home and over holidays. Every animal should have a workout, so our class would need to provide appropriate exercise. So you can see that students would develop responsible behaviors in the classroom if they were required to care for a pet.
    What kinds of paragraph of its?
    a. Informative Paragraph
    b. Opinion Paragraph
    c. Descriptive Paragraph
    d. Process Paragraph

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