Soal-Soal Post Test Listening Corner

Soal-Soal Post Test Listening Corner

Audio 1

Task 1

  1. The election ….
    a. wasn’t too important because it was just a local one
    b. was very important for the whole country
    c. was about development
  2. There was a voter increase of ….
    a. 6 percent since the last election
    b. 11 percent since the last election
    c. 54.5 percent since the last election
  3. People want to ……
    a. carry smaller items when they leave their homes.
    b. carry fewer items when they leave their homes.
    c. own a smartwatch

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Audio 2

Task 2

4. Diana can’t come to class because …..
a. she has a different class
b. she has a mid-term exam
c. she has a doctor’s appointment
5. The deadline for the homework is …..
a. wednesday
b. friday
c. sunday
6. The teacher can give give Diana the practice test ….
a. on friday
b. by email
c. after the mid-term exam

Audio 3

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Task 3

7. She is having a party for ….
a. her family
b. her very good friends
c. everybody at work
8. The party is at ……
a. the swimming pool at her hourse
b. her cousin’s house
c. work
9. The motorway exit you need is …..
a. 3A
b. 13A
c. 30A
10. To get party, drive ….
a. Straight on forest road
b. Right on forest road
c. Left on Forest road
11. The house is the first big house ….
a. on the right
b. on the left
c. down at the end of the road

Audio 4

Task 4

12. The man needs something ….
a. for his trhoat
b. for his head
c. for his wife
13. The man ……
a. is coughing and has a headache
b. is coughing but doesn’t have a headache.
c. isn’t coughing but has a headache
14. The lozenges are …..
a. cheaper  than the syrup
b. not as cheap as the syrup
c. more expensive than the syrup
15. The pharmacist can’t give him antibiotics beacuse …..
a. his prescription is only for tablest
b. he dosen’t have enough money
c. he doesn’t have a prescription

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