Soal-Soal Pre-Test Reading Comprehension

Soal-Soal Pre-Test Reading Comprehension

Read a text about learning English, and for questions 1 to 5, choose the correct option!

Learning English Forum

Banjo_Boy asks:
I was in the USA on a language course last summer. It was a fantastic learning experience! People were so friendly and welcoming. Im going on a British summer course this year. I heard that English people are more unfriendly and polite. Is that true? Im worried about the language as well. I learned American English at school, and Ive heard that British English is different. Im worried that Ill misunderstand everyone, make errors and appear impolite. Can anyone help?

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Sara_May replies:
Dont worry about the language! Its mostly the same. In terms of grammar, there are no differences at all. There are a few vocabulary differences though, like in the USA they say subway, gas and apartment, while in Britain they say underground, petrol and flat.

But it wont be a problem. Youll understand those unfamiliar words from the context. Whats more, British people will understand you if you use American words. After all, they watch lots of American shows on television. The British accent is very different from the American one, but personally, I find it easier to understand.

Paulo_Riviera_166 replies:
You wont find the language confusing, but peoples behaviour is very different, in my opinion. Americans are more informal and open. They talk about anything their money, their weight, their health. They are enthusiastic and friendly, and its easy to get to know them.

British people arent like that. They dont like to talk about their personal lives until they know you well, and they think it is respectful to give you privacy. As a result, it isnt easy to make friends with British people. They are friendly and polite, but they often remain rather distant.

Nellie_111 replies:
Dont worry about making social errors in Britain. People are so polite that if you do something wrong, they wont comment! I agree with Paulo_Riviera_166 in some ways. British people are more distant, but they arent more formal, in my opinion.

For example, in the States, kids sometimes call their dads Sir, but British people never do that! In America, success is important, so people will often tell you how great they are.

In Britain, its considered rude to boast about your achievements. If you do, people may tease you or gossip about you. Also, British people hate being complimented. If you say something nice about them, they often look embarrassed and dont know what to say!

Bubbles replies:
I dont know where Sara_May was staying in the UK, but I was in the north of the country on a school trip a couple of years ago. We all stayed with host families, and the only person I could understand was the mother of the family.

I couldnt understand anyone else, even after three weeks! The people didnt sound anything like the people I had heard in my course books at school, and I learned British English! I guess people sound different in different areas of the country.

All I can say is, good luck, and if you dont understand someone, ask them to write down what they are trying to say!

1. Which sentence best summarises Banjo_Boys situation?
a. He is worried about making mistakes in his language and behaviour when he goes to Britain.
b. He is worried that his trip to America wont be as fun as last years trip to Britain.
c. He wants to know whether it is more useful to learn American English or British English.
d. He wants to learn how to speak well and be polite to his American and British guests.

2. What is Sara_Mays advice?
a. Neither the vocabulary nor the accent differences are hard to understand.
b. The vocabulary differences are hard to understand, but the British accent is easy to understand.
c. The vocabulary differences are easy to understand, but the British accent is hard to understand.
d. Both the vocabulary and the accent differences are hard to understand.

3. According to Paulo_Riviera_166, British people are…
a. Formal and unfriendly.
b. Enthusiastic and personal.
c. Friendly and open.
d. Respectful and distant.

4. According to Nellie_111, Americans are … than British people.
a. Less likely to comment if you make a social error
b. Less likely to talk about their achievements
c. More likely to call their parents by a formal title
d. More likely to feel embarrassed by a compliment

5. Why does Bubbles disagree with Sara_May?
a. She thinks its hard to understand British vocabulary.
b. She thinks the British accent is difficult to understand.
c. Her British grammar is different from American grammar.
d. She thinks British people wont understand American English.

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Read a text about chocolate town for chocolate workers, and for questions 6 to 10, choose the correct option!

Chocolate Town for Chocolate Workers

If you love chocolate, maybe you have eaten a bar of Cadburys Bournville chocolate. But Bournville isnt just the name of an English chocolate bar. Its the name of a village which was built especially for workers at the Cadburys chocolate factory.

George and Richard Cadbury took over the cocoa and chocolate business from their father in 1861. A few years later, they decided to move the factory out of the centre of Birmingham, a city in the middle of England, to a new location where they could expand.

They chose an area close to the railways and canals so that they could receive milk deliveries easily and send the finished products to stores across the country.

Here, the air was much cleaner than in the city centre, and the Cadbury brothers thought it would be a much healthier place for their employees to work. They named the site Bournville after a local river called The Bourn.

Ville, the French word for town, was used because at the time, people thought French chocolate was the highest quality. The new factory opened in 1879. Close to it, they built a village where the factory workers could live. By 1900, there were 313 houses on the site, and many more were built later.

The Cadbury family were religious and believed that it was right to help other people. They thought their workers deserved to live and work in good conditions. In the factory, workers were given a fair wage, a pension and access to medical treatment.

The village was also designed to provide the best possible conditions for workers too. The houses, although traditional in style, had modern interiors, indoor bathrooms and large gardens.

The village provided everything that workers needed including a shop, a school and a community centre where evening classes were held to train young members of the workforce.

Since the Cadbury family believed that their workers and their families should be fit and healthy, they added a park with hockey and football pitches, a running track, bowling green, fishing lake, and an outdoor swimming pool.

A large clubhouse was built in the park so that players could change their clothes and relax after a game. Dances and dinners were also held here for the factory workers, who were never charged to use any of the sports facilities.

However, because the Cadburys believed that alcohol was bad for health and society, no pubs were ever built in Bourneville.

The Cadbury brothers were among the first business owners to ensure that their workers had good standards of living. Soon, other British factory owners were copying their ideas by providing homes and communities for their workers designed with convenience and health in mind.

Today, over 25,000 people live in Bournville village. There are several facilities there to help people with special needs, such as care homes for the elderly, a hostel for people with learning difficulties and affordable homes for first-time homeowners and single people.

Over a hundred years since the first house in Bournville Village was built, the aims of its founders are still carried out.

6. Bournville is … Choose TWO correct answers!
a. A village
b. A river
c. The founder of a chocolate factory
d. A chocolate bar
e. A chocolate factory

7. The new site for the chocolate factory was chosen because … Choose TWO correct answers!
a. It was close to farms which provided milk.
b. It had clean, countryside air.
c. A lot of people lived nearby.
d. It was in the centre of the city.
e. It was close to several transportation routes.

8. Bournville takes its name from … Choose TWO correct answers!
a. A local river.
b. A local town.
c. A French word.
d. A kind of French chocolate.
e. A French town.

9. The original houses in Bournville were … Choose TWO correct answers!
a. Traditional in appearance.
b. Large.
c. Free for workers.
d. Near to the chocolate factory.
e. Built by the factory workers.

10. Workers at the Cadbury received … Choose TWO correct answers!
a. Free health care.
b. Free access to sports facilities.
c. Pensions.
d. Free food and drink.
e. Dancing lessons.


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